Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ada's New Cast

This week has turned out to be busier than Ada and I thought. Ada had surgery on Tues. to straighten out her right ankle. The doctor had hoped for a simple lengthening of ligaments but had to do a more extensive surgery to allow the ankle to have a more natural appearance. We had to stay in the hospital for two days for observation and to get pain meds right. As usual Ada was a trooper...better than me I'm sure. I found sleeping in a straight back chair while looking across at the the other empty bed in the room a bit difficult to say the least. I never thought the extra bed in Ada's room at the nursing home could look so good. As you can see in the picture Ada has a very large cast on her leg...the size is due to the padding they put inside to protect the incisions. I told Ponsawan it's a large enough canvas for her to paint the entire map of Thailand with native flowers!! The new orthopedic doctor who is taking over Ada's case is a very caring individual....and the nurses all have kind words for him. You can always trust the nurses least I think so. I have forgotten to mention that last week Ada got her hair washed for the first time in twelve weeks...can you imagine how good that felt. We had bought her a blow up sink that we lie on her bed and place her head in it...this thing works great and Ada loves it. Since then we have washed her hair twice more and plan to do this at least three times a week. You know Ada had the greatest hair so now that it's starting to grow back we need to keep it the way she would want it.

Those two nights in the hospital as I stared out the window and watched the Lifeline helicopters coming and going my thoughts always drifted back to Ponsawan and the strength she had in those first five weeks. I think all but one of those nights she spent sleeping in chairs, floors, cots, and probably even standing up. I know why she did it...I just don't know how she was able to function. It's in those moments that I'm glad that I was able to be by her side so often to help take care of things... even if it was the simple task of buying her raspberry ice tea and pizza. She has taught me so much and yet it's lessons that I wish I never had to learn. I also began to think of all the guardian angels that have crossed Ada's path. In these dire situations it's easy to recall all the bad things that have gone wrong and believe me there have been but it's better to stop and remember all those angels that have stepped up to the plate to help Ada and her family. You know who you are, your the ones when it looked like the system was going to fail them you called in some favors. You wanted to be a part of her made some phone calls, you opened up your heart, and you did the right thing. All these guardian angels along with the doctors, nurses, therapists, aides, and all those who stay so positive contribute to Ada's recovery. From the bottom of my heart...Thank You!

Due to circumstances beyond her control....let's just say Ponsawan's has had a lot on her mind lately...she has screwed up her return flight plans. Instead of coming home on Tues. she will arrive home on Thurs late eve. The punishment for this forgetfulness is a side trip to Hong Kong...not bad is it. Her trip to Thailand had been going so well I was afraid she would decide to stay there for awhile and just phone me for reports. I am so happy she has decided to go on to Hong Kong with Yui. I didn't want her to travel home alone. Those two started this trip in JFK with a hug and I'm glad they will end it there with lots of hugs.

And if I may I'd like to say a big thank you to my husband Tom... who from the beginning has been very supportive of helping the Silapuritis' in any we can. He is what is called a road warrior..his computer business keeps him away from home except weekends. Tom is not much of a gardner and it's the last thing I'm sure he wants to do but this weekend he planted flowers for me. So, Tom after thirty seven years of marriage I know I don't say it enough... Thanks for taking care of me.


Ting said...

My dear Ardis,

I read and re-read your long report with much gratitude. I am glad the ankle surgery was over and looking forward to see some magic on her cast. Can you imagine Ponsawan's fresh creativity after this trip?

I join you in thanking all the guardian angles who have been participating in Ada's care and contributing to her progress. And I am ultimately happy for Ada to have been under your care. You are her surrogate mother, her special angle.

I often wonder how your family cope with you staying with Ada over all these times. Without their sacrifice, this wouldn't have been possible. So I am glad you mentioned Tom, and earlier, Kyle, because we are all grateful for their support.

One critical incident has created human connections that are growing beyond belief. Together we stay positive, we stay focused.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

As usual Ting I look forward to reading your thoughts and kind words.
It will be exciting to see what beauty Ponsawan will create on all of Ada's new casts because there will several more in the next month or more. Ada has had a very good day today I will write more about it later...I want to see if she continues to sustain this new piece of the puzzle.


Yes Ada did get her hangs near her bed. I'm sorry I would've answered sooner I didn't see the comment until tonight.
Thank you for all good wishes for Ada and her family.

Take care to both of you,

Rachel said...

Hi Ardis, Ada and care bear,

Thank you for letting me know she got her charm. I'm praying and wishing her well everyday.

With all my best to all of you,

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...
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Melanie said...

Dear Ardis, Ada, Carebear and all of Ada's Guardian Angels...I come here every day to check on Ada's progress and I keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers...I am so happy Ponsawan was able to go back home and that she did not have to worry about her precious Ada's care...Ardis you are one in a million...please give your husband a big ole hug from Kentucky and have him give you one back!!...Melanie:)

Macey said...

Tell me this:
When you were MY age...which i know as a LONG LONG time ago :) did you ever think that you would have the opportunity be a mother to so many?

Love you!