Saturday, March 28, 2009

Apple Sauce & Ice Cream

That's right, I was able to give Ada 2-3 spoonfuls of apple sauce and vanilla ice cream. She does fight me with her hand but opens her mouth and swallows. She makes faces like I put some disgusting thing in her mouth but she starts to enjoy it more and more.
Along with that, she walks a lot more. In the morning, she walks 4-5 laps around the house, almost by herself. I have to guide her walker around since we have to go through the kitchen and try to avoid banging the fridge and the trash can. She does all the walking and almost manages the turn by herself. She also goes around the house on her wheelchair by using her foot and heel. It is amazing to see her back up her wheelchair to free the wheel when she gets stuck somewhere.
I like taking her to the Art Museum. They have a big plaza and walkway that she can move around freely. She can learn to make a decision of where she wants to go and what she wants to do.
Yesterday, we went to RHI to listen to The Piano man - Jerry Tomlinson playing piano. Jerry and his wife, Lee, go to RHI and plays piano in the lobby almost everyday. We used to enjoy it very much while we were staying there. After that, Ardis and I got Ada on the walker and she walked all the way to unit 4 and said hello to all her nurses and therapists. Everyone was surprised to see her walk.
I think all the excitement during the day had kept her awake during the night. She had hard time going to sleep which means I did not get much sleep either. We will try to have her walk before bedtime too. She usually get really tried after walking.
It is Ok, as long as she's happy, I am too.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Her first 20 steps

Today we put Ada on the walker for the first time since we stopped going to Rehab. The problem was, at the Rehab, either Connie or Cara will stay behind her helping with Ada's left leg and left foot. We put her on the standing frame in the living room, then I sat her down on her wheelchair and put the walker in front of her. She resisted and did not want to stand up. Oh yes, if she doesn't want to stand up, both of us, Val and me can't even get her to stand up. I open her bedroom door and tell her that if she walk to her room, then she we will leave her alone. She got up on the walker and start walking, by herself, with her right step and then left. I was in the front, guiding the walker, Val was behind her with her hand on Ada's hip. 20 steps later, she walked through the door, went straight to her bed, turn around and sit down. Val and I were just in shock, I might have stopped breathing for a few second. I called dad, Ardis and Connie to tell them the good news. I hope you get excited like I am. Good news today and more to come, I hope.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ada & Company

Pretty in pink, Ada and Macy. Macy took time off from her busy schedule to visit Ada. She was very happy to see her friend. They both look adorable, don't they. Ada laughed and made faces while I was talking to Macy. We both agreed that she must understood everything we said.

Ada and her nurse, Valarie, who help me take care of Ada everyday. Valarie comes twice a day for 2 hour to help getting Ada goes through her daily routine. Val's hardest job is to brush Ada's teeth. Job that I cannot do. We also work together to get Ada on the standing frame and walker. On the good day, I can get Ada on the standing frame by myself, on the not so good day, it took both of us and our strength get Ada on the standing frame, but at the end, Val always win because she won't give up easily like me.
After shower and Price is Right, both of them sit down and watch Young and the Restless together while I take a break or go do some errand.

Here's Ada with dad. She gives him special treat like gives him high-five and a kiss.

Here's Ada near the beautiful water fountain in front of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
We found a perfect spot under a balcony, away from the traffic. It was a nice and warm day, so I sat her down on the bench that's over look the garden. She later laid down, put her head on my lap and took a long nap. This was the first time I took her out by myself. She must have known. She made it easy for me to transfer her in and out of the car and sat very nicely while I push her around the Museum ground.
Here's the small area with a bronze sculpture and water fountain. She went around by herself using her right foot to push the wheelchair. It is nice to be in the sun after a long winter.
I took her to Sawasdee restaurant after we left the museum. Ning and Ty haven't seen her for a year. Ada was happy and smiled at everybody.
Today, Rachael and Ryan came by and we went to Naked Tchopstix for some Sushi, hoping to convince Ada to start eating again. She loves food and loves to eat.
For me, I got a lot of hugs from her lately. She would grab my arm and pulls me closer, and gives me a hug.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Slinky Duck

I'm sure you are wondering what is a slinky duck...well it's a little Ada miracle!! Today Ponsawan and I went out to lunch afterwards we stopped at a bookstore so she could pick up some jewelry magazines. In a bin near the cashier a couple of items caught her eye..a mini yellow rubber duck (that flashes color) and a plastic slinky toy. Since Ada is getting interested in picking up items they seemed appropriate...everyone loves a slinky!! When we arrived back home Ponsawan got the items out and it didn't take long for Ada to play a few games with me. I would put them somewhere on her leg and depending on her mood she either put them where I wanted them to go....or where she wanted them to go. Remember Ada is finding out that she does have some control.

Ponsawan has pushed their two single beds together and Ada now turns herself completely over...and she kicks her mother during the night when she wants to be changed. She is using her feet to push her chair all around the house, sits on the futon to watch tv, and keeps darting her eyes towards whatever she desires... like her bed so she can take a nap.

I will never look at a slinky or a rubber duck again without thinking of tiny miracles.

Ada is communicating, she is a miracle and that is how want to remember March 3, 2009.