Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sitting up straight and standing tall with your head up

It has been almost 2 weeks now since Ada came to The Rehab Hospital. Life is much easier for the Silapiruti family since the hospital is 10 minute away and they don't let mom stay over night. I get to go home and cook and clean and sleep on my bed, and have a few hour to make jewelry.
Ada has a busy day, starting with 9:00am till late after noon. She has 6 work out sessions, 1/2 hour each with PT, OT, and SLP. With 2 hour break in the afternoon. Ada is now well adjusted to the new environment and willing to work with those wonderful therapists. She also get a new chair and it help her sitting up straight and more comfortable and it is so easy to push and turn. We went around the building and go outside in the garden.
It is so nice to be at RHI. For Ada, she receives intense therapy and new medication that would, hopefully, help her to wake up and be more focus. With doctors, nurses and therapists who specialize in treating people with brain injury, we hope to get a good progress report in a few weeks. For the family, they have meeting twice a week with the helpful information that will help us deal with the situation better.
We will be ready to take her home in a few weeks. Ready or not.
Not only she can sit up straight on the chair, she can stand up straight on the standing frame. Yes, she has been standing on her 2 feet for 16 minutes yesterday. There is a big mirror in the gym and she can't keep an eye on her reflection. It was the first time she saw herself. We also working on trying to help her open her mouth and swallow so we can start feeding her in her mouth.
There is so much going on during the day, each day. Ada is more aware of the surrounding and more alert, which is a good thing. We will cerebrate each small step, baby step she make with love and patient and hope that someday she will be able to talk, walk, or just give us a smile.
"Your smile is like a ray of sunshine", a friend wrote on the back of his high school picture. Shine on us, Ada, we will be waiting, patiently.

Monday, July 21, 2008

From Nursing Home to Emergency Room To RHI in 7 days

It had been an extraordinary week for Ada. Last Saturday, the infection around her left eye had landed us in the Emergency room at 2:00 am. After a few days of anti-biotic, Ada was feeling better but ended up having diarrhea, so the doctors kept her there for a few more days. One of the nurse asked me why Ada stayed at the nursing home and not going to RHI ( Rehabilitation Hospital of Indianapolis). Then the ball got rolling. The PT and OT started the evaluation process, the social worker and the rep. from RHI started the paper works; letter of recommendation and, the most important in the process, asking permission from medicaid. It took a couple of day and lots of work, finally Ada was excepted to go to RHI with medicaid approval. Ardis and I were crying the tear of joy.
Transported to RHI on Friday night, Ada settled down and I went home. After 41/2 month, I had to go home and sleep on my bed. I was very reluctant to go home and felt kinna weird.
Early Saturday morning, I went back to RHI to meet Dr. Liptson. Not only she is the Director of the Hospital, she is also the best of the best. Ada is fortunate to have her. She always come to see the patient at 6:30 am, so I have to get up early if I want to talk to her. Good thing is RHI is 3 miles away from our house and I can get there in 8 minutes. Ada was evaluated by PT, OT and ST on Saturday and on Sunday, they started working with Ada. She was not happy, very frustrated and did not cooperated well with anyone. All the experiences were totally overwhelmed her and I hope she can cope with it in a couple of day. She will get 3 hours of therapy every day, 6 days a week.
They gave her a shower today. Imagine how happy she must felt, a shower after not having one for 41/2 month. She also wears regular cloth, not the hospital gown. good thing there is Target near by, Ardis and I went to get some shirts and pants for her. I hope she like the pink and purple outfits that we pick out for her. I still cannot go into her room after the accident. May be someday, I 'll go in there and get some of her own cloths.
The day will be busy for her. I will be there to help and to learn how to work with her. It is our ultimate goal to get her to RHI, and then get her home.
I went back to the nursing home to pack up. I'll go back and say good bye and thank you the staffs for taking good care of my daughter for 3 months.
So much had happened this past week. Stay tune.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


You feel like a candle in a hurricane
Just like a picture with a broken frame
Alone and helpless, like you've lost your fight
But you'll be alright
On your knees you look up
Decide you've had enough
You get mad, you get strong
Wipe your hands, shake it off
Then you stand
Every time you get up
And get back in the race
One more small piece of you
Starts to fall into place

Cause when push comes to shove
You taste what your made of
You might bend till you break
Cause it's all you can take
Then you stand
composed by Rascal Flatts

I think that the above words ring very true to what Ponsawan and Ada have been going through these past weeks...but in spite of the many challenges they have taken a stand and are being strong women...they will have to be. What I see and hear everyday in Ada's world never ceases to stop and remind me to be grateful for all I have and to see what is really important. Ponsawan is about to take on a big challenge...bringing Ada home but with the help of family, aides, and therapists she will be fine. She has found her voice and she is strong. I imagine that every day seems like it has 48 hours in it. Always waiting for some small sign... something to show the doctors that Ada is reaching out. She knows better all the ends and outs of Ada's daily care and routine...she's her mom. Moms take that commitment to heart the moment they look into their childrens' eyes for the first time.
I have believed for some time that the nursing home was only temporary and that the Silapiruiti Family will be better if they are under one roof. It is very difficult to try to keep it altogether living and visiting with their daughter in a nursing home. American Village has far exceeded my expectations of what their type of facility has to offer a resident like a Ada. Many places could give Ada her basic needs but none would be there to listen to concerns, a staff that is always friendly, and genuinely cares about Ada and her family. Ada coming there was one if those guardian angel things I have spoken about before. But for all the good they have done there's no place like home and home and all it's challenges will be good for everyone...Ada will have the sights and sounds of her family and that will surly be good for everyone involved. Hopefully in the near future Ada will be able to go to a rehab hospital where she will get intense therapy and her family will get the guidance they need to take her home.
I know by many of your comments you are like me concerned and inspired by all that takes place here in Indianapolis. You worry about your friend Ponsawan but as you can tell she is persevering with your help...yes all of you who leave such kind and heartfelt messages of hope and faith sustains a mother who only wants the best for her daughter. The journey is long but they will travel it together and find joy in each day.

I appreciate those of you who have asked me to write again on the blog.I have been taking care of some of my families needs and trying to get back into the rhythm of my life and that of my family and friends. I too have three men in my life and I am amazed out how well they have done without me there to play traffic cop in their world...but it is time to help my sons to get on with their lives. Both have plans in the next year to travel and live in Korea for a year so I don't want to miss too much now. Again thanks to many of you who have expressed concern for me...I will never be the same...none of us reading this blog will. To much that has been given much is expected...I have heard those words often in my life and I have tried to live by them. I have been given much and one of those things I will treasure is my relationship with Ponsawan and Ada. Wherever their lives take them I will try to be there for them. They are not alone...they have all of you who are encouraging them your words, thoughts and prayers.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

ER, again

Back to Methodist Hospital for 2 am. ER visit again. Her left eye and the area below the newly installed bone flap was swollen and red. She had high temperature and looks uncomfortable, so we came to ER. Many testes, x-ray and c-scan had done to find out what went wrong. It took many hours for Neuro Doctor to come by and look at her. Well, first they just want to give her the anti-biotic and send her back, but I had asked for blood test and her white count was high. They always say that it is normal that she will get some swollen after the surgery. I wish I had been informed about all those "normal" things that could have happened so I don't get panic ad called the ambulance at 2 am. 10 hours later, they decided to admit her, 4 hours later, we arrived at room 5042 on the 5th floor. Private room, big window again, so I get to stay with her. I hope they don't kick us out so soon. I kinna like the view.
It's 9 pm. and the swollen is still there and it looks worse. They think she might get some kind of infection from the surgery. We will have to wait and see. She will get another round of anti-biotic and Neuro doctors should pay more attention to her or I have to go out and make a scene. Remember the movie "Term of Endearment", when mom (Shirley McLane) went out to the nurse station and asked (yelled) for the pain medicine for her daughter (Julia Robert)? Actually, the nurse that we have is so nice and she imediately recognized that Ada is in pain and the proper medicine was given to her right away.
More on that tomorrow. Hope I could report the good news.

Friday, July 11, 2008

All she needs is LOVE

I e-mailed Dr. Jill Taylor a while ago after finished reading her book. I told her about the Ada's daily routine and how we take care of her and wonder if there is anything else I can do. Here's she wrote:

Hi Ponsawan, all you can do is love her. Work with her when you can and love
her. If giving her care is stressing YOU out, then that does not help her.
She just needs you to love her the way she is, and then play with her. If it
is work then it is no fun for anyone. She needs to play to heal.

I am cheering you on from afar, Jill

So, that's what I am going to do. To love her, even more.

Just in case you haven't read through the comment, one of Ada's friend left the message for her. With much appreciated DeMarcus, you made me cried. Take care of yourself and come home safe.

To Ada and her family,

I am DeMarcus Ware, me and your daughter/sister didn't have the type of friendship that some of her friends have. However, when you meet someone that has that infectious spark, that amazing breath taking smile, they stay cemented in your mind for an eternity. You never forget them or how much you loved being around them.

Ada is and will forever be a special person, she brings the best part out of any person she meets. I played football and she was a cheerleader, so I knew her as the beautiful cheerleading chick. But then I was able to meet her (we had a english class together), and see that spark, that drive, that desire for more. Many people become comfortable with a normal boring life, you knew that she was thinking of a far more greater life.

I will pray and pray and pray for more blessings to come into Ada's life and your family. I understand that noone can understand the burden, pain, and sadness your family must feel right now. However, like many people before has likely said, you are not alone. In times of great adversity people come together to support and give strength to another. I am your new addition to the strength, and faith that was built on the friendship and love for Ada.

With extreme love,

Sgt. DeMarcus Ware

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back at the Village

We are now back at the American Village. The surgery went well. They were able to used her own bone and Dr. Callahan also repaired the part the was done earlier too. Now she has full round head again. I had asked before the surgery if they can shave all of her hair off, but they ended up shaving half of her head. So, today daddy shaved the other half off. No staple this time, just stitches and they looks nice.
We got kicked out of the hospital by Saturday afternoon, even though I had asked for her to stay for one more day. Don't get me start! I am glad we don't have to go back there again. I was kinna disappointed with the nurses on 5th floor north. At one point, I told them that Ada was in pain and needed some pain medicine. The nurse turned around and asked how do I know that she was in pain. That's insulting to me. Ada and I was half asleep when the EMT showed up and asked if we were ready. I thought we supposed to be informed by the nurse or a social worker that Ada will be discharged and the ambulance had been arranged to pick her up, this afternoon, but no. Good thing about it was that the EMT that picked up Ada that day was her classmate since Elementary school. It was "Chantel"! I can't believe it. Now we had located all of her Girl Scout Gang. I hope we can get together sometime.
The pain had subsided and she looks more comfortable. She must be so bored because we did not put her on the chair for a couple of day. May be tomorrow then. She wiggles her body until her foot gets to the end of the bed and bangs on it. her cast will come off next Wednesday, finally, 18 weeks after the accident.
Last week we sat her at the side of the bed with her feet touching the floor. At first she looks so scare, then she gets the hang out of it. From that position, two people can lift her and put her in a chair. The PT is looking for different chair for her. May be tomorrow we can go outside again.
The meeting will be arranged to determine whether we can take Ada home or what kind of help we will need. It is a complex and probably long process, but everyone is willing to help and get it done.
I know I will be a primary care of Ada, changing her feeding her and give her medicine, and be by herside most of the time. Staying at the nursing home with Ada, I have to split my family in two. I need to go home and take care of my men. They need me too. We don't have a bedroom down stair, so we will put Ada in the dinning room. The new floor is needed because the old carpet is very old. We will put up the curtain for her privacy but being there she can be in the center of activities. With the dogs running around, Archie who goes to work at midnight and comes home at 4 am, Arthy who, after school open, will get up at 5 am and try to catch the bus to school, I hope she can get some sleep. For me, I can finally put the pasta machine on the table and work on clay again and get the house back in order.
I drove for the first time today after the accident. Pretty shaky but that didn't stop me. Nothing will stop me at this point.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bone flap

Ada has a surgery yesterday to put her bone flap back in. It is a piece of skull that Dr. Jude cut out in order make room for her swallow brain after the accident. Dr. Callahan also did some repair to the other part too. I am not quite get the details, but she is doing on the 5th floor of Methodist hospital. She has a little tube to drain the fluid from her brain. We will be there for a couple of day.
The day before surgery, I had a car accident myself. A lady pulled out from the parking lot in front of me, real fast. I am Ok, just a little sore.
Ada will be back to the village but we are in the process of bringing her home. More on that later.