Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A calm after the storm

We have been dealing with Ada being grumpy and restless and sleepless for a few weeks. Quite stressful for the caregivers, I might say. It is hard to tell whether she is in pain or she wants something. There are a few things that happened though. First, she still sores from her broken arm. Second, she had bladder infection. Third, the feeding tube that came out. Forth, she was grumpy before her period. Fifth, must be a "storm" in her head that keeps her from getting a good sleep.
She had many "storm" before. The first time was a month after the accident when she was shaking and sweating like crazy and she did not get much sleep. A few minor "storm" after that. This is not a medical evaluation by all mean. Just me and my opinion.
We asked her doctor for medicine that will help her sleep. It is a strong med, one that would knock me out for a day or two, but it wasn't work on Ada. And if she did not get enough or good sleep, she will be grumpy and not able to concentrate. That apply to me too, since I am sleeping in her room.
Finally, this past 2 nights, we had good sleep and she is back to be happy and giggling again. There is some good after the storm. Some new skills, new things that she can do.
Karec and I can rest a little bit before the next "storm" come.
V8 is a good thing. I gave Ada 2 serving a day. I tell her it's time for "Bloody Mary", and she smiles.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ada

We had a Birthday open house yesterday for Ada. She is turning 25 and it's time to get friends back into her life. Rachael has been a big help. We weren't sure how many people will come. I was hoping for 30, may be.
May people came, mostly Ada's Friends, my friends too. Between cooking and serving food, I showed off my jewelry and sold a couple of things. Rachael and Karec were taking care of Ada. She gave us big smiles, laughed, shake hand and basically looked very happy.
Lots of love, lots of present. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
The food was ok, I could have done better, next time.
For those who cannot come yesterday, you can still come and visit Ada at home. She loves to see other people beside me.
Last week I join a group on Flickr called "Ring a day". We have to make a ring each day and post the picture in the Flickr page. here is the ring I made yesterday as a tribute to my Cheerios Queen. She still eats Cheerios, lots of them.

Pictures from Ada's BD party are posted on my Facebook page.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy, again

After a few hospital visit, Ada is back to normal routine. In the morning, after shower, she walks around the house, stops at the fridge to look at some, then let go of the walker when she walks pass her room. I finally have to cut out a soft wrap with Velcro to put around her wrist. Once she learns that she cannot let go of the walker, she just proceeds pass her room. She still enjoy her Cheerios with a little bit of Dried Yogurt piece (baby food). V8 seems to be the answer for the trouble she has in the morning. Only if she can sleep in a little bit because I like to stay up and work after she goes to bed and she is up at 7 o'clock every morning.
For me, I learn to "not thinking too much" or complain about "same problem, different day" like my friend put it. Taking care of Ada became a routine. I just do it, because I love her, not because I have to. I learn to leave home during the day or go up stair to take a nap. (Oh boy, do I miss my bed). I search the Internet for the answer, for the connection with other TBI survivors and caregivers. I sit at my table and work on my things. I don't get angry if I had to take care of Ada all day. I am stronger and healthier by lifting and transferring Ada. Communication is much better, both way. I am sure, someday, Ada can figure it out. I just have to be patient. Ada talks with her eyes.
I love all friends on Facebook, whom, most of them, I've never met. They always there, giving me kind words and encouragement. Be friend with me on Facebook; Ponsawan Sila.
Ada's Birthday is coming up. We will have a party this Saturday. Can't wait to see who will be here. At least the weather is going to be fair.
Archie went back to Bloomington. He needs to get on with his life. Arthy is still around. He sits and play with Ada more. She also likes his company.