Friday, August 28, 2009


I received an email from a young lady who was quite angry that I have been posting about everything that happen to Ada, and I forgot about her privacy. Because this is a World Wide Web, so anyone can read it and she thought there is too much information.
Well, my apology if it offense anyone, but I would like to defense myself.
I didn't get much information about how Ada could progress or how to take care of her from any doctor. Mostly, the information comes from the nurses who is also, mostly mom. I created Ada's blog so her relatives in Thailand can keep track of her progress, her friends who are busy with their lives can read about her, my friends who live in every corner of the world can read about Ada, and someone who also has their love one that has Traumatic Brain Injury can come here and learn about a few things or two of how to take care of TBI patient.
I pour my heart out, to this blog, so we can cerebrate Ada's life, she is still living and I don't want to keep her in her room, in her house away from the public's eye.
Until she can read and write and speak for herself, I have an obligation for my daughter to be her voice, to be heard and to remind everyone that she is still here.
P.S. I just read from other blog that the hormone did have an effect on how much a person with TBI can progress. If I had known this last year, I would have asked the doctor about it because Ada did makes more progress after she starts her period again. Also there is a study about the anti acid medicine that is normally given to TBI patient with feeding tube, might also block an enzyme that important to the brain. Again, Ada did not take Nexium anymore and she is doing fine. Without sharing these information, how can we keep track and take advantage of the Modern medicine. After all, I learn pretty much how to take care of Ada more, from the World Wide Web, than the doctors or therapists.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ice chip

Last August, Ada was the patient at Rehab Hospital not very far from home, where she learned, after six months, how to sit and stand up straight. Emily, her Speech therapist always working on her swallowing so we introduced a small ice chip into her mouth. She make faces like we put something nasty into her mouth. One year later, Ada is eating, swallowing and chewing on the small ice chips. I wish Emily and her Speech Therapist at the nursing home can see her now. Also she is using her right hand to grab everything; shake hand, thumb up, thumb down. She also help with dressing herself and raises her foot up so we can put sock and shoe on her. She also smiles and laughs a lot. Her hair is a lot longer. Who would have though she can accomplish so much in one year.
Sometime I wonder how far can she go. No one knows. I join the forum that was set up by a young man who has TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) There are a lot of information and also many who had suffered from TBI and recovered to almost 90% after 7 to 10 years and many who are still not recovered well. But at lease, they understand what we have to go through.
For me, not knowing is better so I don't expect too much and I don't get disappointed, but I join the forum to see if I can help others along the way.
Daddy went to Thailand for 3 weeks, the Kelly went to Colorado for 2 weeks and they will move into their new home, Archie will go to IU and Arthy will hang around with Ada and mom.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rachel & Ryan Wedding

The wedding was yesterday. Beautiful ceremony. Ada sat quiet most of the time. I had to give her some Cheerio at the end. Ryan's mom and dad did the catering by themselves so I was asked to bring Pot Stickers for the appetizer and it was gone in a flash. We sat at the Family table, in the front. Plenty of food, free drink and good music. It was quite a laid-back wedding party I've every been. Everyone was smiling and happy.
Ada sat there, smiled and shake hand with everyone. First I thought we might not stay very long but when the dance floor open with loud music, we can see that Ada was enjoying herself so we stayed a bit longer. Her nurse came with us too.

Here are some pictures at the wedding.

Dad, Ada and the beautiful Bride

Mom and the boys. We helped clean up after the party. I was proud of them. They worked so hard. Archie and Arthy showed off their break dance moves while picking up the trash all night.
Katherine came over for a visit on Thursday. She brought a set of small wooden music instrument for Ada to play with.
So all Ada's girlfriends, if you are planning a wedding, don't forget about Ada. She loves to go to the wedding.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ada on her wheelchair

Click Here to see Ada, outside, in front of the house with mom and her nurse. It was a nice day, with cool summer breeze, under the tree's canopy. Ada will paddle up and down the street after a short walk with her walker.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Abby came by yesterday. She hasn't seen Ada for a long time and she was presently surprised to see what Ada can do. They played puzzles together and talked. Ada looks happy and Abby too. Abby got wagged on the head by Ada a couple of time. I warned her but Ada is very fast with her hand. It is nice to know that Abby and Jeff got engaged and they bough a house.
Ada continue to eat but refuse to take things from the spoon. She also look at the food before she picks it up. There are things she likes and things she doesn't like. She can process the information and make a decision now. Isn't that amazing!
Come by and play with Ada sometime.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Now you can skip this post if you don't want to read about poop.

After 11 days of agony and uncomfortable for both Ada and mom, we took Ada back to ER. On Wednesday night, she did not sleep at all. Not very busy at ER but we waited for 1 hour till mom had to go find a nurse. Then half an hour later mom saw a doctor who took care of Ada before and tell him we really need to do something with her. Ok, that's problem solved, but 4 hours later, her nurse had to go down stair to get the "GoLytely". They can't sent it through a shoot but failed to call for someone to pick it up. Very usual scene in ER.
The nurse came back with a gallon of liquid and I started to get it through her J-tube. I worked and Ada started to laugh and laughed and she continued laughing the whole afternoon. Me, on the other hand, no laughing but very happy even though I had to clean up big piles of ----by myself. The nurse did not come in to help. And I totally understand.
Now we have to make sure she has enough fiber in her diet and plenty of water. Ada refuses to eat thing from spoon, she like the crunchy things that she can picks up and put it in her mouth. She also looks at the things we are trying to give her. If she doesn't like it, she won't eat.
Today I order some freeze dried fruit and veggie on-line. Seaweed is her veggie for now.
She continues to play with puzzles and learn hand jester with dad.
She also gets mad and starts hitting us or the chair or throws the bowl or toys on the floor.
Those are good things and we are happy that she is learning and making progress.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A few road block

Forgive me for not posting for a while. We are dealing with a massive blocking, I mean, her constipation. We took her to ER yesterday, took some x-ray, gave her some more laxative and still waiting for the result. Activia doesn't seem to help.
Meanwhile, Ada is grumpy, which is understandable. She continue to play with dad, making hand jester, she even padded the doggie on his head yesterday.
The swallowing test went well. She still has a delay on swallowing so we have to be careful, but she is doing fine.
Grant and his mom stopped by and Ada was so happy. Kirsten also came by and played with Ada. Ardis came by with some apple chips and puzzles.
Do you know she can do some easy puzzle now? Stop by anytime to see her progress or bring me some lunch.
Will write more after all this road block, it is so stressful for me and for her too.