Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rachel & Ryan Wedding

The wedding was yesterday. Beautiful ceremony. Ada sat quiet most of the time. I had to give her some Cheerio at the end. Ryan's mom and dad did the catering by themselves so I was asked to bring Pot Stickers for the appetizer and it was gone in a flash. We sat at the Family table, in the front. Plenty of food, free drink and good music. It was quite a laid-back wedding party I've every been. Everyone was smiling and happy.
Ada sat there, smiled and shake hand with everyone. First I thought we might not stay very long but when the dance floor open with loud music, we can see that Ada was enjoying herself so we stayed a bit longer. Her nurse came with us too.

Here are some pictures at the wedding.

Dad, Ada and the beautiful Bride

Mom and the boys. We helped clean up after the party. I was proud of them. They worked so hard. Archie and Arthy showed off their break dance moves while picking up the trash all night.
Katherine came over for a visit on Thursday. She brought a set of small wooden music instrument for Ada to play with.
So all Ada's girlfriends, if you are planning a wedding, don't forget about Ada. She loves to go to the wedding.


Ting said...

Congratulations to Rachel and Ryan.

It's delightful to see Ada socialise and enjoy partying. I am amazed at Ada's smile in her photo with Rachel bacause it is such an intelligent smile. Looking at her, for a moment I thought nothing had ever happened to her.

I am glad the whole family had a good time at the wedding. You all look well and happy. Archy and Arthy are blossoming youth and full of energy.

Thanks for sharing the time of love and joy with us.

angkana said...

You all look wonderful. I am so happy to hear about the wedding and Ada's outing.

Thanks Ponsawan for inviting all friends to visit. I look forward to seeing you this fall.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing the photos of the wedding. A year ago, we didn't know if Ada was going to be able to go to the wedding and look at her. I agree with Ting. Her smile in that photo with Rachel was perfect! Good job, Arthy and Archie! You guys were so handsome.

Ponsawani, you looked very nice too and happy....Piak looks to proud!

Take care...always thinking about you, F & M

benilhalk said...

Hope your wedding party went well. Me and my sister are planning a family get together on my grandmother's birthday next month. Will invite all friends and relatives to make her feel special. I think Lebanese and continental food will be enough and LA event venues will be perfectly ok for the celebration. Number cake idea is given by my best friend.