Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Not sure if I ever described how we cut Ada's finger and toe nail, but it was not an easy task until now.
With her using the iPad, I had asked Karec to see if she can cut Ada's nail, just the index finger nail. Karec managed to do that, but just one. So I asked Stacy if she would be able to do so with the rest of the nails. Stacy closed the door behind her. It is her way to tell Ada that mom won't get involve. She did it. Hum... how about her toe nail? Stacy closed the door and she got it done.
The next day, I asked Stacy if she would shave Ada's arm pit. This is the ultimate test because she won't let anybody touch that area for a long time. Guess what? It's done.
I remember the old saying about Trust. It is something you earn. I think Stacy just earned it from Ada. At the same time, Ada had learned about Trust again.
And we shall live happily together again.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Love, Laugh, Eat and Sandy

Sorry, I haven't written for a while but all are good for Ada. She is as happy as she can be. She smiles and laughs a lot. She gives us kisses and let me hug her . Oh, I really miss hugging and kissing her, it had been a while. Now that is is getting colder, we like to stay in bed, cuddle and laugh together.
Last month Ada's aunt came from Thailand for a visit. I had a chance to attend a Polymer Clay Retreat at Mammoth Cave for a few days and I had a great time. Ada received an early Christmas gift; an iPad, and she loves it. Be able to tab on the screen with her finger is much easier than pushing the button. She has been playing spelling game and memory game. Not that she can spell yet, but she is able to match the letter by dragging it to the right place. She also like to watch me solve the Art puzzle. Those painting from Picasso seems to catch her attention. We did took her to the Museum but she did not seem to care about those paintings. I think looking at it from the computer screen must be different since we are not sure if there was any damage to her eyes. Technology is great, isn't it?
She continues to eat Honey Nut Cheerio. We add some V8 and baby food through her tube. her favorite is pea and green bean. LOL, good thing she doesn't have to taste it.
And one day Sandy called, he wanted to visit Ada, so here's Ada and Sandy hanging out. They were in Spain at the same time and travelled together with other students while they were there in Seville. Sandy showed us many pictures of Ada and she looks pretty and happy. Sandy will send me a copy and I can't wait. She was happy to see him, I think. Never know how much she can remember, so if you have time, just come by and say hello.
Ada is doing well with her Speech Pathologist, we will have more sessions next year and we might get to see her twice a month even. I got into trouble last time because I was laughing at Ada. She pretend not to understand what she was told to do. I can see Ada tried not to laugh. Oh, well, it was so cute and I can't help myself.
She is happy and I am happy, can't ask for more.
On the sad note, my friend, Ting, who lives in Australia is not doing well. Ting always leaves a comment, kind words, words of wisdom and encouragement here for us. Now she is fighting with cancer and Chemo and I wish I could be there at her side, holding her hand. Hope you feel better soon Ting.
P.S. I just found a picture of Ada, sandy and another girl. They were in Morocco.