Monday, September 29, 2008


I just add DONATE button to Ada's blog. This one is via PayPal. There is a small fee for transaction but it will be more convenience for everyone who would like to help the family. It will take a couple more day to set this up, I will confirm this in a couple of day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Dear, Ada

This is one of my favorite picture of Ada. It was taken last month while she was at Methodist hospital. She looks calm and peaceful and still beautiful as always.
It is not hard to take care of her. She pretty much get into a routine from morning till night. She sleeps well at night especially after shower. By the way, I just gave her a first shower in her new bathroom. It is not quite finished yet, but we can shower in there. Her room and the whole house is almost finished. On the day that John has to make a lot of noise, we stay in the garage. Sometime she sit in the chair in the kitchen watching me cook and clean. In the evening, we put her in the chair near the dining table. I wish she would open her mouth and eat regular food. She is doing well with the feeding. I have to grind her medicine real good and let it dissolves in the water before getting it through the feeding tube.
Anyway, just stop by and say hello to her. I'm very positive that she remembers everyone who used to be a part of her life. Someday she will be able to say hello back to you.
About the fundraising, we are working on it. For now you can send the donation to us or go to the Fifth Third Bank any branch in the US and ask for "Silapiruti Fund" account, and make a deposit there. The fund will be used for remodelling the house so Ada can live comfortably at home with her family. I would love to have a small garden or a patio so she can be outside.
Her aunt from Thailand just came for a week long visit. Eliana and her parents came too. They got stuck here for a few more day since there was no electricity in Louisville due to the storm.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

She sleeps through the night this time

When Ada was a baby and we took her everywhere with us. People always ask whether she slept through the night yet, and the answer was always "No". Really, all my 3 kids barely slept through the night when they were younger. Ada must have get into a new routine. She sleep from 10:00 pm till 7 or 8 in the morning and sometime she took a nap in the afternoon too.
We still waiting for the room downstair and the bathroom to finish.
We still waiting for the nurse aid to come and help me twice a week.
We still waiting for the diaper to be delivered.
We still waiting to hear that Ada can go back to RHI for out-patient therapy.
We still waiting for Anti acid medicine because the one she needs is too expensive.
Not for long, I hope. She must be bored staying in the chair and in bed without therapy. I do exercises her legs and arms and we play with her as much as we can. And i get to kiss her and hug her as much as I can. Ardis came over to rescue me from time to time so I can go out and get things done. A friend who is a nurse came by to give her a bath and she also help me find a doctor for her. Once the construction is done, we will need help to put the furniture back into the room (or help throw them away).
I think Ada look much happier at home. I can also cook, clean and do laundry, and make a few jewelry.
One of my necklace is featured in the "Polymer Cafe'" magazine, and a few of my work will be included in a book written by a famous Polymer Clay artist.
Ardis and a few friends will be working on the fundraising event for Ada. If you have any suggestions and can help, please let us know.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Home, at last

I know everyone wants to know about this "Big day", the day we took Ada home. It went well, I think. Lots of hug and good luck wishes from the staffs, also lots of paper works before they send her out the door. Finally, we put her in the car and drove home. Since her new room down stair has not finished yet, we decided to put her in her old "Purple" bedroom. When Ada was young, she did not sleep well during the night. One weekend, she went camping with her girl scout troop, I painted her whole room purple and she slept better ever since. Anyway, she looks comfy there, for now, because the room is too small to accommodate everything that she needs.
I have to call and order her food and brief. Terry went to get her medicine. Ardis came with Pizza. We faced a few problems, first, we need to elevate her head while feeding her but she will be sleeping in a regular bed, second, she had learn to lift up her hip and she will slide downward from the seat while sitting up. We tried different chairs. Finally we put her in the massage chair that looks like recliner. Now she cannot slouch and slide and we can adjust the position of her whole body. She is sleeping now, peacefully and I can leave the room knowing that she will not fall out of the chair.
Arthy is happy that Ada's home. He hates going to visit her at the hospital. We all piled up in the bed next to Ada and teasing her. The dogs came by to sniff her and the neighbor came by to welcome her home.
Then she started to have a stuffy nose and cannot breath well. I ran out and get some cold medicine for her. I remembered when Ada was born and a week later, she had a cold. This is like taking a first-born baby home all over again. Crying all the way home from the drug store, I wonder if I am strong enough to carry on, to take care of her, to lift her up from the chair to the bed, to feed her and give her medicine, to clean her up and struggle to dress her, to arrange and get all the care that she needs,
I came home trying to get her into her bed. I struggled and started crying. Archie told me, "Mom, you can't give up" and he was right, I can't.
Tomorrow, the nurse from home health care will come for a visit. I won't get any help for a while until we get approval from Medicaid. I shoud get 60 hours of help a week, if lucky. On Tuesday, Ada will go back to RHI for out-patient rehab. I think she will be there 2-3 days a week and they will send a van to pick her up. Now that's a great news.
All the nurses and doctors told me that I will do fine with taking care of Ada. I hope they're right.
"One day at a time", and I will try to remember that.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Girl Scout Troop 1298

Rhonda Blake, the #1298 Girl Scout Troop Leader had made a call upon her troop to come out and help our family, and many had showed up today. This is the troop that started since First Grade and they kept it going until they reach High School. The girls became friends and so did the parents. Rhonda's husband, Doug and Katherine George's dad, David, were the biggest moving force to get things done today. Sabrina and her mom were here too. Anna's mom,Lori went to stay with Ada. Abby stopped by then went to see Ada. Carmen and her mom stopped by too. We took the carpet out, primed the wall then painted Ada's room. The bathroom is coming along and the new floor shod be laid down tomorrow, sometime. I still have faith that we will get things done before Friday. Kim from Houston was also here helping out. Many thanks to everyone especially Rhonda. She checked Ada's blog twice a day, so I need to write more so she won't get mad.
The annoying things was that we have so much "stuff" in the house. We have to keep moving them from one room to another. I wish I could snap my finger and those things just disappear.
I hope once Ada got home she will have more visitors. i know some of you do not want to go to the hospital or seeing Ada in the lifeless stage, but she is much better now and looks much better. She also starts to communicate a little bit.
The house still need a lot of works, help is always greatly appreciated. We will add a door from her room so she can go outside and we will create a healing Garden for her so she can be outside when she can.
4 more days and we will all be together again after 6 long months.