Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Dear, Ada

This is one of my favorite picture of Ada. It was taken last month while she was at Methodist hospital. She looks calm and peaceful and still beautiful as always.
It is not hard to take care of her. She pretty much get into a routine from morning till night. She sleeps well at night especially after shower. By the way, I just gave her a first shower in her new bathroom. It is not quite finished yet, but we can shower in there. Her room and the whole house is almost finished. On the day that John has to make a lot of noise, we stay in the garage. Sometime she sit in the chair in the kitchen watching me cook and clean. In the evening, we put her in the chair near the dining table. I wish she would open her mouth and eat regular food. She is doing well with the feeding. I have to grind her medicine real good and let it dissolves in the water before getting it through the feeding tube.
Anyway, just stop by and say hello to her. I'm very positive that she remembers everyone who used to be a part of her life. Someday she will be able to say hello back to you.
About the fundraising, we are working on it. For now you can send the donation to us or go to the Fifth Third Bank any branch in the US and ask for "Silapiruti Fund" account, and make a deposit there. The fund will be used for remodelling the house so Ada can live comfortably at home with her family. I would love to have a small garden or a patio so she can be outside.
Her aunt from Thailand just came for a week long visit. Eliana and her parents came too. They got stuck here for a few more day since there was no electricity in Louisville due to the storm.


Susan Turney said...

Hi again, Ponsawan
I don't know if this is a good idea or not...see what you think.
I seem to get quite a bit of traffic on my flickr page and I belong to several flickr groups. I was wondering if there's any way to post this pic of beautiful Ada and reference back to your blog. I think (and hope) that other PC people that don't read your blog would be interested and and generous if they knew what happened. I could just put a small caption about the senseless accident and link the blog. I don't know how you feel or if it is even possible to get the pic from you to me but thought it was worth mentioning. (I'm not very internet savvy!). I'm leaving today to see my mother and won't have internet for 3 days but will check when I get back.

Marisa said...

that's a beautiful picture of Ada. tell her i love her!!!!

Melanie said...

Sweet, sweet Ada...she does look peaceful Ponsawan...I would say that getting to see different areas of the house is good for you play her favorite music too? and maybe dance around the house funny!!...Give Ada a BIG Kentucky hug from me!!... :)

SteffieZ said...

That is a really beautiful picture of Ada, and I think the haircut looks great on her :)

Ada, Abby and I used to live in a house together in Bloomington our Junior year... I have since moved to New York. I will be visiting Indiana during Christmas and I really hope to come by with Abby sometime to visit!

Macey said...

i miss you so much Ada. I am sorry I have not been on here as much as I would like.
I keep up with Ardis and she tells me you are doing well.
You are always on my mind,