Friday, September 5, 2008

Home, at last

I know everyone wants to know about this "Big day", the day we took Ada home. It went well, I think. Lots of hug and good luck wishes from the staffs, also lots of paper works before they send her out the door. Finally, we put her in the car and drove home. Since her new room down stair has not finished yet, we decided to put her in her old "Purple" bedroom. When Ada was young, she did not sleep well during the night. One weekend, she went camping with her girl scout troop, I painted her whole room purple and she slept better ever since. Anyway, she looks comfy there, for now, because the room is too small to accommodate everything that she needs.
I have to call and order her food and brief. Terry went to get her medicine. Ardis came with Pizza. We faced a few problems, first, we need to elevate her head while feeding her but she will be sleeping in a regular bed, second, she had learn to lift up her hip and she will slide downward from the seat while sitting up. We tried different chairs. Finally we put her in the massage chair that looks like recliner. Now she cannot slouch and slide and we can adjust the position of her whole body. She is sleeping now, peacefully and I can leave the room knowing that she will not fall out of the chair.
Arthy is happy that Ada's home. He hates going to visit her at the hospital. We all piled up in the bed next to Ada and teasing her. The dogs came by to sniff her and the neighbor came by to welcome her home.
Then she started to have a stuffy nose and cannot breath well. I ran out and get some cold medicine for her. I remembered when Ada was born and a week later, she had a cold. This is like taking a first-born baby home all over again. Crying all the way home from the drug store, I wonder if I am strong enough to carry on, to take care of her, to lift her up from the chair to the bed, to feed her and give her medicine, to clean her up and struggle to dress her, to arrange and get all the care that she needs,
I came home trying to get her into her bed. I struggled and started crying. Archie told me, "Mom, you can't give up" and he was right, I can't.
Tomorrow, the nurse from home health care will come for a visit. I won't get any help for a while until we get approval from Medicaid. I shoud get 60 hours of help a week, if lucky. On Tuesday, Ada will go back to RHI for out-patient rehab. I think she will be there 2-3 days a week and they will send a van to pick her up. Now that's a great news.
All the nurses and doctors told me that I will do fine with taking care of Ada. I hope they're right.
"One day at a time", and I will try to remember that.


Melanie said...

Sometimes we have to take it a minute at a time Ponsawan...I am sure it is very overwhelming for you now that Ada is will all work out for your family...Medicaid can be a pain in your backside sometimes...I too have a daughter on it...God Bless You and Yours..Always in my Prayers~Melanie:)

F & M said...

Hi Ponsawan,

I am glad Ada is home and Archie, Archy and the dogs can finally be so happy that she is home to tease, sniff and love her.

Only you will figure out the color of the room (and what color) will help her sleep better..Feng Shui at its best!

Ponsawan, rest assured that you will do excellent taking care of her! It just takes time to adjust and get into the routine, but you will ALL do well. I have no doubt!!!!!!!!! Hang in there, my friend...

Hugs and love,

F and M

Anonymous said...

May God bless all of you. I have read your blog for a very long time. First, admiring your polymer clay work and now admiring your incredible capacity for love and your unwavering commitment to your beautiful daughter. Stay strong, your are such an inspiration to so many.

Devon said...


I am so thankful to read that Ada continues to make such amazing progress. It warms my heart to know that she can finally be at home with her family. Your strength continues to amaze me.

I haven't been around recently, but know that you are in my thoughts daily.

Be well,


cu#1835024 said...


It was a humble moment for me talking on the phone with you yesterday. You have been the tower of strenght and source of hope for every mother. We learn to be a better person from you. Thank you very much.

I realize that at the most stressful moments, you must be tired of being strong for Ada and us. Archie's encouraging words are wise and supportive. I am glad you have strong children who love you and follow your example on how to be a great human-being.

With humility, I pray for you and Ada everyday.

Much Love,

Ting said...

Everybody in your situation would feel absolutely overwhelmed by the responsibility that you are facing and struggled with the difficulty of it. But I doubt if anyone can do better than you have.
Please allow yourself to cry so that you can regain your strength. At least you have Archie, Arthy and Piak with you to give you a 'push' when you need it. You are right, one day at a time. Tomorrow is just another day and at least it will be different. Very likely a better day.
My prayers for you and Ada has never stopped.

Kim Cavender said...

Dear Ponsawan,
I am so in awe of your strength and the courage you have shown since Ada's accident. May the adjustment to having her back at home get easier every day. I know how thrilled you must be to have her there but it must be scary to feel responsible for all the different things she needs. I pray that things will get easier for you all.