Monday, February 28, 2011

As seen on TV

There is a new TV show on USA network called "Fairly Legal". A young, beautiful lawyer, Kate, turns Mediator because she wants to do the "right" thing. Last week episode was about a husband and wife sued a company for head injury and brain damaged to husband. The wife did not want to settle. Husband looks fine but something wrong with him. His personality had changed, seems like he was a totally different person before the accident. To make a long story short, Kate's conclusion was that the old husband had died, but the wife should learn to love again, with this new husband.
It makes me think! I am not sure if I should look at my life this way, but this Ada that I have is not the same Ada I used to have. She won't ever be the same.
What do you think? Are you agree with Kate? For 3 years, I have never thought of it this way. My father passed away a month after Ada's accident. I won't ever seen my dad again. Ada is still here but she is not the same Ada. I neither took time to mourn the death of my dad, nor the death of my daughter, Ada. May be it's time. So I can let go and learn to love this daughter, the one I still have. There is a lot of "Ada" left in her; her personality, her smiles, her scent, the way she tugs her hair behind her ears. There are a lot to love about this young lady.
I think Ada's brain had gone blank, and she has to re-learn just about everything. She is doing good. She learns to give us a kiss and she let me give her a hug and kisses and let me lay down beside her. Oh and she just learn a new thing; angry, aggression, huff and puff. I say it is a good thing, only disadvantage is that she takes it out on me most of the time.
Next month she will have a surgery to remove all 4 of her Wisdom teeth. I am not so looking forward to it.
Ada is healthy and happy and still learning new things, new skill, how to think. We visit her Speech Pathologist twice a month now.