Friday, June 26, 2009

New wheelchair

We received a new wheelchair for Ada today. The origional chairwas a loan. The old company filed bankruptcy and the new one finally be able to order a new chair and the custom cushion for Ada. It took... oh, about 10 months.
Kellen, Ada's old schoolmate delived the chair by himself. Kellen had been wanted to visit Ada and finally he got to come. The chair is very nice and easier to use. We put Ada on the chair and put the belt on her. It looks like the one they use on the airplane. Ada flicked it open with her finger and laughed at us. Ha... ha.. It took her 10 second to figure it out. Kellen had to exchange the old strap with the new one. She is still sliding down but I hope she learn to sit still on the chair longer. Thanks Kellen.
We sat her at the dinning table. I put a piece of pork ring in front of her, she grabed the whole piece and put it in her mouth. Sorry John, the girl knows how to eat.
She also took a long walk around the house today. We will get her out to the museum tomorrow. It'd been so warm outside.
Ada continues eating and now she is able to tell which one she likes and doesn't like, or if she wants more.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dental appointment

Ada went to see the dentist, Dr. West at IU dental school today. She sat through the x-ray machine without a fight but we have to wrapped her up while sitting in the chair so Dr. West can look at her teeth. Dr. West was very pleased with what she saw. She said we took good care of her which make me very happy. Actually, it was her nurses who take care of the brushing. Eating also help her teeth get cleaner too. We will go back later and have her teeth clean and do more x-ray.
She is also eat a lot more. Let's see; a bowl of cereal, half pear, half cup of sweet potato, half bowl of cracker, a little bit of puree potato and carrot. That's quite a lot, isn't it? Her stomach is doing just fine. I also reduce her formula intake so she won't get too much. She seems happy and smiles a lot.
You can check what is Ada doing now at (Try to keep up with the rest of the world)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eating is her new thing

Ada is having fun eating solid food. We introduced food to her a few weeks ago. First she did not open her mouth and used her right hand to push our hand away from her face. After a few time that she got food in her mouth, she starts to chew and swallows it. We always make fun of her about her therapist, Emily, who for 6 weeks had tried to convince Ada to open her mouth. "Open, Ada, open" she said, 1000 times a day.
I tried a couple of things and chex cereal works best. Cracker and cookies seems to stick to the side of her teeth. You have to be able to use your toung to move food around the mouth and Ada is learning how to do that. I gave her a few piece of blueberry and cherry today. So far her stomach is doing fine. I still think that everything has to be reintroduce to her since she has not eat anything for more than a year.
And, John, she eats Pork Rind the other day and still like it.
She also be able to put all the toys in the bucket. I have to figure out what else she can do.

Ha-ha, just found out that it is not the spoon that she hates, it's what we put on the spoon that matter. I had tried applesauce and, one wack from her strong hands, the applesauce ended up on my head. Today we had chicken from Boston Market for dinner and I gave her some baked sweet potato, she ends up eating the whoe thing, from the spoon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Concert for Ada

Today, New August North Breakfast Club Orchestra Came to our driveway to play concert for Ada. Mr. Staubach, was Ada's Orcrestra teacher at Pike High School. Actually he taught all of my 3 kids so I was a regular at school concerts.
It was raining pretty hard this morning but that did not stop Mr. Staubach, his students and a few brave moms who drove the kids here to our house. They set up in the drive way and play beautiful and fun songs for Ada. The rain had stopped for a while so we were able to enjoy the concert. What a treat! Here are some of the pictures.

Friday, June 12, 2009

progress report

We went to Rehab Clinic today to visit Connie, Ada's PT. I want her to adjust the walker for Ada because sometime she hits her knee or her foot on it. Actually, I just want to show off that Ada can walk now. Everyone was so excited and happy to see Ada. Then we, I mean Karec, her nurse and I got her out of the chair and start walking. Connie told us what to do to help Ada in that situation. I know she will be able to tell us what to do.

Connie told me that I did a great job with Ada. I was happy because I always want to do more for Ada and always questioning myself whether I had done enough for her. Since none of the doctor can tell me what to expect or what to do, I had to take the matter in my own hand. To hear that from Connie did make me feel better.

Ada enjoy eating again. We gave her Chex cereal, Gold fish, Teddy Gram and some cracker. She accept it when we feed her by hand. No so happy about the spoon but she let us brush her teeth without too much trouble. You know, pushing, fighting and kicking, sometime. She also, once in a while, pick up a piece and put it in her mouth. We also give her a bucket full of small toys. She picks up the toy and throws it away and sometime, she put them in another bucket. One time I put the bucket of toy next to the empty bucket and told her to put the toys in the empty one, she picked up the bucket and pour all the toys into the empty bucket. With a murky smile on the corner of her lip, she knew she won.

Not sure what she will be able to do next. I think she will talk soon. What do you think?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Come walk with me

Hello, It's Rachel again!
I thought this was so cool, that I wanted to share! I was outside with Ada and she was having a FIT! She was pushing back on the wheelchair so hard that it almost fell backwards! I told her that I was gonna lock the wheels on her wheelchair if she kept on! She seemed to get more angry, I knew she wanted to go inside, but I told her she had to wait a minute. I locked the wheels...... Ponsawan came outside as Ada was STANDING UP OUT OF HER WHEELCHAIR. To make a long story short.... We stood on each side of her to see where she was going. She WALKED all the way to the back room to her bed, turned around and layed down!! All we did was help keep her balanced. It was amazing. Then she starting taking off her shoes, which I helped her finish. I called my mom and she said it sounds like I need to make Ada mad more often! Well, catch you guys next time!!
Merisa and her cousins came by to see Ada and brought more flowers for her. Thank you guys.