Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eating is her new thing

Ada is having fun eating solid food. We introduced food to her a few weeks ago. First she did not open her mouth and used her right hand to push our hand away from her face. After a few time that she got food in her mouth, she starts to chew and swallows it. We always make fun of her about her therapist, Emily, who for 6 weeks had tried to convince Ada to open her mouth. "Open, Ada, open" she said, 1000 times a day.
I tried a couple of things and chex cereal works best. Cracker and cookies seems to stick to the side of her teeth. You have to be able to use your toung to move food around the mouth and Ada is learning how to do that. I gave her a few piece of blueberry and cherry today. So far her stomach is doing fine. I still think that everything has to be reintroduce to her since she has not eat anything for more than a year.
And, John, she eats Pork Rind the other day and still like it.
She also be able to put all the toys in the bucket. I have to figure out what else she can do.

Ha-ha, just found out that it is not the spoon that she hates, it's what we put on the spoon that matter. I had tried applesauce and, one wack from her strong hands, the applesauce ended up on my head. Today we had chicken from Boston Market for dinner and I gave her some baked sweet potato, she ends up eating the whoe thing, from the spoon.


Anonymous said...


You are the greatest therapist of all! What you can't get one can. Great job! Thanks for sharing the news. Ada, keep eating!!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs always....

WonderfulWire said...

I am so thrilled to hear this!! Keep going Ada... you're doing fantastic! :)))

Anonymous said...

You keep figuring out everything and Ada you are letting your Mom know that you wanted "REAL" food!

Good for you...keep going! A big Happy Father's Day for Piak!!!

cu#1835024 said...


I took it for granted what my tongue has to do when I eat thing that sticks to the side of my teeth. Your writing never stops to amaze me and it opens my eyes to see the world in a diffent light. Thanks for your fine ability and detail observation. You sure are the best therapist for Ada.


PS: I always am unproportionally upset when I bit my tongue. I thought it is the most unreasonable thing to happen. I hope Ada is doing well with her new learning and skills.

Anonymous said...

Wow, walking and eating ... I'm sure talking is next. Thank you so much for sharing the milestones in Ada's progress :)

P.S. I don't like applesauce either ... ;)

Ting said...

The news that Ada rediscovers eating fills my heart with joy. May she enjoy it more and more. You have done magic Ponsawan!!!
Lots of love

Macey Leigh said...

A girl after my own heart...eating sweet potato and chicken.
Love you Ada!