Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moving forward

The Purple Room up stair, used to be Ada's room. I painted it purple because she always has trouble sleeping. I thought by making the room darker might help, and it did. I painted it while Ada went on a field trip with her Girl Scout troop. She had a big Queen size bed so all her friends can hang out when they came over.
The past 4 years, I've been avoiding the Purple room. Ada and I sleep down stair and I have no reason to go up stair anyway. A few times I went in and packed her stuff in a box and put it down in the basement. I cried every time I touch her stuffs, her clothes, her jewelry, her diary, notebook and all other things.
I finally empty the room and asked Grant to come over and paint the room. It was not easy.

Now, Purple room no more. It is light purple-pink. Very lovely color.
I am planning to use it as my studio since I have so many projects on my table, there is not enough room to work. I spread out to the dinning table, but have to pack and put it away everyday. I hope being up there will help me be more productive and work faster since I will have everything I need in one place.
I moved a few boxes in today, it wasn't easy. I end up sitting here and cry about it. Now I am not sure I can sit in that room and not crying.
But life needs to go on, I need to move forward, to the next chapter of my life. Having a studio will do me good. I have many things I like to do and the creative juice is flowing. Time to let it out.