Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Sorry I haven't written for a while. There is so much going on and with all the snow and bad weather, it is hard to get everything done when I wanted too. Also every time I mention that Ada had been sleeping well, next thing you know, she started waking up at 4 am. So, we have been struggled with her sleeping. I got new prescription for her to help her sleep. As soon as the medicine gets into her system, she looks so sleepy. We put her to bed and 4-5 hours later, she was up and want to get out of bed. Mom did not get much sleep either. So we increase the med only to find her to be sleepy during the day. But, keep my finger cross, she had been sleeping well without any medicine for a few night now.
We went back to see Speech Pathologist, finally. She was pleased with the way Ada can pick up the picture of the Cheerios from the board and gives it to us. We hope that later on she can learn to pick up others pictures of things that she wants and let us know. So far, so good. The therapist also put Ada in front of the computer and played some game. The Red button was connected so Ada can push it instead of using the mouse. It is not easy and she looked back at me and tried to get away but she did finished 3 games so we are going to purchase the game for her soon.
She also continue to walk around the house and we let go of the walker so she can learn how to balance herself (we still walk behind her). Hopefully it will be warm soon so we can go outside more.
I think Ada has a few basic needs; eat sleep and change. So far she is able to let us know what she wants and that has made her very happy.
She lets me kiss her a lot more and she also kisses me back. I am so long for that. She also makes longer eye contact and pay more attention when we talk to her or play with her.
Mom need to catch up on her sleep and her works. Dad is still out of town. Ada and the dogs miss him a lot. LOL

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Augusta Public Academy - North

Mr Ed Staubach, an Orchestra teacher from New Augusta Public Academy - North came to deliver a big card made and signed by his students, along with a check from their fundraising. Mr. Staubach taught at Pike High school before he came to New Augusta. He taught all my 3 children. Ada, in particular, had a privilege to play violin for the "Crimson Red" while in High school.
Mr. Staubach came to see Ada quite often. He was very pleased to see her walk out of her room (with her walker). It means so much to our family that he still care about Ada and so do his students at school. I'm glad they still have music program at school. and how lucky they are to have such a great teacher.
Ada is happy and laughing a lot. She likes to watch "Spongebob" and "Family Guy". They were her favorite shows before. A few problem with her sleeping pattern, but we are working on that. Can't wait till it gets warmer outside so we can take her out for a walk. Ada also using her hand jester to tell us what she wants. Even though we have to guess what she really wants, it is the good sign.
We also watch MJ's video "This is it" and Ada likes that too.
Thanks again, New Augusta -North