Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Augusta Public Academy - North

Mr Ed Staubach, an Orchestra teacher from New Augusta Public Academy - North came to deliver a big card made and signed by his students, along with a check from their fundraising. Mr. Staubach taught at Pike High school before he came to New Augusta. He taught all my 3 children. Ada, in particular, had a privilege to play violin for the "Crimson Red" while in High school.
Mr. Staubach came to see Ada quite often. He was very pleased to see her walk out of her room (with her walker). It means so much to our family that he still care about Ada and so do his students at school. I'm glad they still have music program at school. and how lucky they are to have such a great teacher.
Ada is happy and laughing a lot. She likes to watch "Spongebob" and "Family Guy". They were her favorite shows before. A few problem with her sleeping pattern, but we are working on that. Can't wait till it gets warmer outside so we can take her out for a walk. Ada also using her hand jester to tell us what she wants. Even though we have to guess what she really wants, it is the good sign.
We also watch MJ's video "This is it" and Ada likes that too.
Thanks again, New Augusta -North

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawani,

Go Mr. Staubach! Don't you LOVE it when you hear about CARING teachers?? I am so glad he is still in touch with her and takes time to help with fundraisers and meaningful projects for his students! Great job!

I am glad Ada continues to do well just a little problem with her sleeping habits. It will get better and better every day! She is proving it to us all.

Love, F&M