Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Easter Seals Crossroads

We went to Crossroads to day to meet with Speech-language Pathologist. Ada had been evaluated a while ago and the devices that they order for her just came in. The first gaol is to use picture of things and teach Ada to pick up the picture of things that she wants and gives it to us. Start with picture of Cheerio because it is the thing that she wants the most right now. Then we get the device that we can hook up with the ipod or toy or things that were battery operated. With a big button to push, Ada can learn to control the activities by making it stop or play. Third is the small device called Step-by-Step with level. We can record message sequence, like hello - how are you and it will play the message if Ada push the button. We have to work with her and go back in 3 weeks. This is the first time I met a therapist who fully understand what she needs and how we can help her. I guess we just wasted our time and energy at RHI.
We got home and started working right away. I cut out the picture of Cheerio from the box. She learn it quick. Next Abby came to see Ada so I set Ada up with the Step-by-Step. So Abby came in and say helo, then i let Ada pushed the button and it say hello back. She was smiling and her face lit up.
At Crossroad they have a Disco Ball light that spins and it gets Ada attention, so I will look for that before I work with the other device. They also hook it up with the drum toy. We can use IPod to play music for her too. Ada loves music and she used to listen to music all the time. Now I just can't find any song that will get her attention. The only thing that get her exciting now is Cheerio.
No "Behavior problem" even mention today. No "She needs to see Neurophyschologist" today, and Ada sat quietly and patiently for more than an hour while we learn how to use those devices. I felt like we had come to the right place even though the word "Disability" kinna get to me.
We will go to the "Keely's" for Thanksgivings tomorrow. Terry doesn't like the Turkey so he skips town and went to Illinois to take care of his customer.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for my family and friends who had been a big help and big support through out the year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to RHI

An appointment with Dr. Barrio went well on Friday with a bit difficulty in the x-ray room. It was hard to tell Ada to stay still and the technician guy was about to run out of patient. Finally, Dr. Barrio had to come in. He was down on his knees, held Ada's hand and told her that she needs to de still for a few second, and she did.
She needs to put the brace on all the time for 4 weeks but we got green light for therapy.
So, today Karec and I took Ada to RHI. First we sat down with Speech therapist and we worked on teaching her to say yes and no or make a choice. There are some technique that we can work at home and be consistence.
With Physical therapist, I showed her the video of Ada's walking around the car. She noticed that when Ada gets up from the chair, we have to pull her up. So today we taught her to stand up on her own by holding on to our hand. Oh, it's works well and will be easier on our back too. Then we took her out on a hallway and let her walked by holding on to the rail, and she did really good. So we are planning to put a rail on the hall at home.
At this point we cannot tell if she can balance herself or not. It must be nice for her to be able to walk in an open space. She did well today.
We came home and I put Corn Pop in her bowl instead of Cheerio. She looked at it, looked at me and put the bowl down. After a while she grab the bowl and started eating the Corn Pop. She must be hungry.
There are some behavior problems that we should consider correcting them while we can. That's why we need professional help, right? We will go back on Friday and next Tuesday. Then Wednesday we will go to Cross Road rehab to get a communication device and some training.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just got a call from Rehab Hospital today, Ada got approved to go back to rehab for 3 sessions and we have to do it before the end of the month. I told the lady that she has fracture her arm. Well, think of it as she is lucky to get the approval and if she doesn't want to do anything there, the therapists can teach me what to do with her and give me all the information that I need.
So Friday she will do follow up with Dr. Barrio @ Indyortho. Ardis will go with me just incase I get yell at or I want to yell at somebody then she can be my back up. Those people who work there are not very nice. Tuesday, she will get therapy at RHI. Sunday, Archie, Arthy and I will go to Colts VS. Patriot game.
Ada feels a lot better. By looking at her face, I can tell she doesn't need as much pain med, but I am sure it's still hurt.
More good news next time.

Friday, November 6, 2009


We went back to Holiday Park and let Ada practiced her walk again. She was doing good walking around the car. With the blink of an eye, she fell. Karec and I could not catch her on time, she let go of her hand and try to stand on her own. I can feel , somehow, that she scared or hurt. We came home and saw that she had a scratch on her elbow. Put bandage on it. She looks tired and took a long nap.
Not until late evening, after changed her into pajama, I noticed that her left shoulder was swollen. We took her to ER right away. From the x-ray we can see that she had fracture her shoulder. She fell on her bottom and I can see her curl up her head and her right arm. Gymnasts always knows how to curl up their body when they fall, but she has no control of her left arm, it must hit the floor pretty hard.
I know that she can feel the pain, but can neither express it, nor tell us. I can feel her pain.
The doctor did not think she need a surgery, just put her arm in the sling and let it heal.
May be we won't be walking anytime soon and it will be difficult to transfer her since we always hold her up under both arms. Two step forward, one step backward. Yesterday I just mentioned to my husband that I wish she was in Therapy now so, may be, we can prevent this accident.
The doctor suggest that we follow up with OrthoIndy. I have to think about that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ada's big step

We took her to IMA so she can get more open space to walk. The parking lot that we used to park was blocked so we had to park near the greenhouse. There were so many cars and that created a problem. Ada likes to open the door and she doesn't care if it is our car or someone else. She walked right to the other car and tried to open the door. It was a struggled for me and Karec to get her away. So today we went to Holiday Park. I picked a spot with less car and she started by walking around our car (Ada's car, actually) and tried to open every doors. Watch it here. This is part I. It must be too long, I had problem putting it through youtube.
She walks around the car, leaning against it, took a few steps on her own. She is trying so hard to go around and keep her balance, and we are trying so hard not to help her. Watch it here.
We haven't heard anything from RHI, may be mom's therapy is the best for her. I am sure the more she practices, the more confidence she will get.
At the end of this walk, I unlocked the car and let her open the door, she turned side way, bent her knee and sat herself on to the passenger seat. With a big smile on her face, I had tears in my eyes.