Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ada's big step

We took her to IMA so she can get more open space to walk. The parking lot that we used to park was blocked so we had to park near the greenhouse. There were so many cars and that created a problem. Ada likes to open the door and she doesn't care if it is our car or someone else. She walked right to the other car and tried to open the door. It was a struggled for me and Karec to get her away. So today we went to Holiday Park. I picked a spot with less car and she started by walking around our car (Ada's car, actually) and tried to open every doors. Watch it here. This is part I. It must be too long, I had problem putting it through youtube.
She walks around the car, leaning against it, took a few steps on her own. She is trying so hard to go around and keep her balance, and we are trying so hard not to help her. Watch it here.
We haven't heard anything from RHI, may be mom's therapy is the best for her. I am sure the more she practices, the more confidence she will get.
At the end of this walk, I unlocked the car and let her open the door, she turned side way, bent her knee and sat herself on to the passenger seat. With a big smile on her face, I had tears in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! ... what an amazing little video. THANK YOU Ponsawan for sharing this. Ada is doing AMAZING things and she just seems to want to try her best more and more.

This is truly an answer to the many prayers that have been going up for Ada. From the first very horrible and sad day you reported what happened, no one even knew if Ada would still be with us.

It's a miracle of love, perservance and hope! God's love for Ada is shining 24 hours a day.

WonderfulWire said...

What fantastic videos!!! So wonderful... just loved watching Ada walk all around that car!! :)))Thank you so much for sharing it Pons!

Anonymous said...


This is amazing! Oh my! She is communicating so much and tried so hard to call Karec to go to her and Ada finally made it on her own to her, that hug was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. What a gift! Thank you for sharing it. How wonderful.

Ada, you are doing so great and have come so far. I am proud of you! How great to read of your smile when you sat in the car. You are AMAZING!

Love you both, F

angkana said...

Thank you for the clips.

Ada, you are amazing as your mom is.