Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ring a Day project

Last year I participated in a project on Flickr called "Ring a Day". The objective was to make one ring each day for 365 days. There were almost 400 people signed up and only 14 finished the project.Some of the rings I made did tell the story of Ada and what happened to her that day.
The first one is a "Cheerios" ring I made on her Birthday.
The second day was when Ada and I fell in front of the house and I scraped my fingers.
Next one was her name tag they put on her wrist when we were in ER. Sometime we had to wait so long, I blew up the blue rubber gloves to help entertain Ada.
The next two were the "No known Allergies" tags. We had to go back twice that day to get her new feeding tubes.

This one is part of the feeding bag that hook up to Ada's feeding tube.

This last one is very dear to me. It was ring#364.

Sometime you have to work on what ever life thrown at you. With a little bit of imagination, lots of love and a sense of humor, I had survived another year.