Monday, July 20, 2009

Ada and a bowl of sweet potato

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This is the video of Ada eating sweet potato. She enjoy it so much and you will too.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

And she wants some more

Ada has been eating and eating and eating like she hadn't eaten for a year. Well, it had been more than a year. Now she picks up the spoon and feed herself when I give her sweet potato and she is working in scooping the potato by herself. I have to be creative when cooking for her since she is still working on chewing and moving her food around her mouth. Just want to make sure she gets enough nutrition and fiber. We put cereal in the blow and she feeds herself. When the bowl is empty she let us know.
So it is all about eating right now.
We went to Rachael's Bridal shower today. First I thought Ada might be uncomfortable around people but she is doing well. I think people just feel uncomfortable around her. This is the first outing we went. The wedding is next month.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sun Chips - Garden Salsa

There are many things I just can't bare to look or do without Ada. For example; I cannot get into her old bedroom, I cannot go through her old cloth and things, I cannot look at her baby pictures, I cannot eat Sun Chips - Garden Salsa, not until now.
Ada is eating just about anything. She prefers crunchy stuffs so I give her cereal most of the time. When she sees the box of cracker or potato chip, she will make a hand jester to let us know that she wants some.
She was sitting in my bed eating Sun Chips - garden Salsa before she left. Some time we will get cracker and artichoke dip for late night snack. I bought a bag of Sun Chips yesterday and Ada still likes it. I went into her room and pulled out some pants and shirts that she can wear. I keep a stack of pictures near by. She likes to look at old pictures. I felt like a get a part of my life back, piece by piece.
We took her to ER yesterday because her feeding tube came loose. Not a problem, it is time to get a new one anyway. The dietitian also called and want me to send her the list of what she can eat. We might be able to wean her off formula in a month.
We just have to remember to give her plenty of water.
My ultimate goal is to have her eating Sushi again. What do you think?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

IU Grad

We just got a letter from Indiana University that Ada had been certified to receive her Bachelor Degree in May 2009.
A few phone calls to her advisor at IU, I'd explained Ada's situation and asked if they would let her graduate. Now we can cerebrate her accomplishment and she had done it without getting a student loan but with a lot of help from many angles in her life, and I hope they will continue to be her angles.
Ada continues to walk and eat more and more. She is able to pick up cereal and put it in her mouth. I had tried to contact her dietitian and her GI doctor but nobody call back so I have to take the matter in my own hand.
One time I asked Dr. Lipson about her feeding, she said, "You are her mom, feed her", so I did. It is still a bit tricky about chewing but she is learning and doing better everyday.
I found that posting on "Twitter" is fast and more fun. I will continue to post here so I can add more details. 140 characters on twitter are not nearly enough.
The journey is still continue. Ada is learning new things everyday and it helps me getting up every morning and wonder what she will be able to do next.