Thursday, July 2, 2009

IU Grad

We just got a letter from Indiana University that Ada had been certified to receive her Bachelor Degree in May 2009.
A few phone calls to her advisor at IU, I'd explained Ada's situation and asked if they would let her graduate. Now we can cerebrate her accomplishment and she had done it without getting a student loan but with a lot of help from many angles in her life, and I hope they will continue to be her angles.
Ada continues to walk and eat more and more. She is able to pick up cereal and put it in her mouth. I had tried to contact her dietitian and her GI doctor but nobody call back so I have to take the matter in my own hand.
One time I asked Dr. Lipson about her feeding, she said, "You are her mom, feed her", so I did. It is still a bit tricky about chewing but she is learning and doing better everyday.
I found that posting on "Twitter" is fast and more fun. I will continue to post here so I can add more details. 140 characters on twitter are not nearly enough.
The journey is still continue. Ada is learning new things everyday and it helps me getting up every morning and wonder what she will be able to do next.


cu#1835024 said...

A hearfelt congratulation from one mother to another. I am so proud of you both.

While many parents are so worried about college fund for kids, Ada has funded it all by herself. Ada is strong, determined and very resourceful. I am in awe.

I am glad to hear that you look forward to every new day. You made it clear to me that there is no reason for us to complain or dread our new day. Every day is a gift.

Happy 4th to folks on Sunshine Street, Indianapolis.


koreanirishmom said...

We need to celebrate...time for you to take a few days and relax while things are quiet.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ada! You did it! She continues to amaze me every day...putting herself through College without student loans...WOW! Good for her. Nothing stopped her dreams then and nothing will stop her now. Just watch her! She is letting you know that every day she will move forward with something new and all will happen at her own pace. I agree with Yui, "there is no reason for us to complain or dread our new day". Yui, I hope to meet you some day...You are pretty amazing too and have been a great friend to Ponsawan through so many years....

Ponsawani..keep enjoying the surprises that Ada gives you every day....Love and hugs