Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sun Chips - Garden Salsa

There are many things I just can't bare to look or do without Ada. For example; I cannot get into her old bedroom, I cannot go through her old cloth and things, I cannot look at her baby pictures, I cannot eat Sun Chips - Garden Salsa, not until now.
Ada is eating just about anything. She prefers crunchy stuffs so I give her cereal most of the time. When she sees the box of cracker or potato chip, she will make a hand jester to let us know that she wants some.
She was sitting in my bed eating Sun Chips - garden Salsa before she left. Some time we will get cracker and artichoke dip for late night snack. I bought a bag of Sun Chips yesterday and Ada still likes it. I went into her room and pulled out some pants and shirts that she can wear. I keep a stack of pictures near by. She likes to look at old pictures. I felt like a get a part of my life back, piece by piece.
We took her to ER yesterday because her feeding tube came loose. Not a problem, it is time to get a new one anyway. The dietitian also called and want me to send her the list of what she can eat. We might be able to wean her off formula in a month.
We just have to remember to give her plenty of water.
My ultimate goal is to have her eating Sushi again. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think it sounds absolutely wonderful. Amazing progress!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Ada is making progress. If it's your goal Ponsawan to have Ada eating sushi, I'm sure it will happen. You are an amazing woman. stay strong. I love looking at your beautiful art work as well. Your talents inspire.

Anonymous said...

I think that you know best and can accomplish anything you want, just like Ada always did setting her goals and writing them on her calendar to make them happen.

I cannot imagine how hard it is still for you not to go in her old room and go through her things, look at her baby pictures, eat Sun chips...but just as you are beginning to eat chips and salsa with her, some day, you will be able to go to her room with her and together share about the old days looking forward to the days ahead.

Have no doubt...together you will acoomplish anything you set yourselves to do. You are strong, stronger than what you think. Shoot for the moon! Love you Ponsawani!

Anonymous said...

My dearest Ponsawan,
I have to congratulate you for Ada's progress. The last few posts have been good news. I am so happy she is enjoying eating again. I believe that soon she will remember her Sushi. This is your achievement. Well done both of you and thanks for sharing the progress with us.

Carolien van der Gaag said...

Dear Ponsawan,
I love your art blog and only later realized that it is a tribute to your beautiful daughter. I am very moved by Ada's story and by your strength and courage. I pray that Ada will continue to recover well.
My very best wishes to you both.

angkana said...

You are the best healer! Something in your thinking, personality and being gives out that magic tough. You always make friends feel calmer around you.

I enjoy reading all great news on Ada's progress. Can't wait for the feeding tube to come out. The girl always loves to eat and she can pack food! Very EXTRAordinary achievement in this crazy world of non-stop diet.


KC said...

I am so happy to see your daughter progressing. I pray God and his angels keep her going to where she gets her total independance back again.