Saturday, September 24, 2011

From Rachel

Hello All!
I thought it was about time for me to post something! Sometimes I forget how important it is for people to know different views of who Ada is and what she’s going through. Those who do not know me, I am one of Ada’s Besties since we were little. I try to go see Ada at least once a week. Most times I can’t stay very long, but she brings me joy on a regular basis. She listens and without words you know that she has an opinion waiting to bust out of her! She always did wear her emotions on her sleeve, more now then ever before. I had to tell her that Ryan and I were getting a divorce and she was so angry. She loved it when Ryan and I came over and he would act like he was pushing me down, cracked her up. She has now become okay with the idea and likes my stories of who I have a crush on. I don’t think she thinks that Brad Pitt will ever come around, but that’s okay. She literally rolled her eyes at me! I got to see her eat her first solid food, take her to her first movie, pick out shoes and have had some really awesome times before and since the accident. I am truly blessed to be a part of her life. She is starting to get better about pointing at things and where she wants to go which I’m sure makes life a little bit easier for Ponsawan. I tend to give her a hard time about not talking, and games, etc (in a healthy encouraging way).… and Ponsawan and I joke about her first words being, “Rachel, leave me alone!” The main reason I wanted to post something today is because she has so many friends and loved ones that follow her progress on this blog, which is awesome, and I would love to see people take a more active role in going to see her. If you have a day off work or an extended lunch break or even vacation time, I encourage you to stop by. If you do not live in the Indianapolis area it makes it a little more difficult! People tend to think that a visit won’t make a difference. It means the world to Ada and has a huge impact on her road to recovery. Yes, it can feel intimidating and scary. Seeing someone you love go through something like this is difficult, but what you must remember is that; she is still Ada.
With Love,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One on One

We went back to see Speech Pathologist. This time she suggested we sat outside of the room while Ada went in and work with her. At first, Ada didn't cooperate very well. She push the equipment away and threw stuffs on the floor. I waited, patiently, in the other room. Forty minutes passed and the door opened. Ada did settled down and worked on the given task. She is able to focus and listen to the instructions.
Forget about the talking machine for a while, we are going back to showing her pictures. She responses well at home, especially with the picture of Cheerios.
I went to the paint store and picked up some paint chips. Stick one on the board and the other one on with Velcro. Ada is able to match all the pictures and the right color chart. Cheap and effective, we actually work on that 3-4 times a day. Good thing there are several hardware store around here I can visit.Don't want to get caught with a purse full of paint chips. They are free, I know.
Feeding tube is still in tack. I did called the Patient Advocate to see if they can do anything to help us calm Ada down in ER, the lady told me to talk to the doctor. They cannot sedate Ada in the ER, but may be a sleeping med would work. Like I haven't talk to Dr.before, most ER Dr., especially the intern, had no idea what to do with Ada anyway.
She is happy, healthy and laughing a lot. She continues to make progress, at her own pace. We just have to be patience.
Rachael still comes to see Ada every week, despires her hectic work schedule and not too shabby personal life. I love you, Rachael.