Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Miss Ada walking with new rolling cane. Still need a helping hand but she likes it, I think. We will order one for her. It should be fun for her to walk around the house. Her PT and I came up with the plan to bribe Ada with Reese's pieces for each lap she walk, it did not work. Ha...ha.

Then we went outside for a bike ride. She still try to figure it out, but did paddle around the parking lot a few time. There is a handle to control the front wheel. A few adjustments need to be made before it works for Ada.

After all the hard work, we stopped for lunch at McDonald. We sat in the dinning room and Miss Ada ate a handful of French Fries. We break it into small pieces, but I am glad she wants something else beside Cheerio.
Oh, last nite, Rachael and Stacy took Ada to the movie. We thought watching "Jackass" would be fun enough to keep Ada in her seat for an hour and a half, but she was done after an hour. We will try next Tuesday, $5 movie pass, may be they can watch the second half of the movie.
We are trying to take her out more. We plan to visit the zoo this Friday, they will let the caregiver in free with disable person. Children Museum, on the other hand, wants me to buy Family Plus membership. Well, there are many other places we can visit.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Auction for Ada - Round two

Round Two will start tomorrow.
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Thank you