Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Come to my window

Ada's bed is next to the window which faces the fence and neighbor's house, with a few trees insight and the doggies that running around the yard. I got the idea that I will make her a mini garden right outside her window. Hopefully, by next summer, we can start the real garden outside for her. So if you are thinking about coming to see Ada, grab a few potted flowers so I can add them to her personal garden.

P.S. This is a message for Derek Rugsaken. Your letter and the content in the envelope had arrived with much appreciated fro us. Thanks for your kind and generousity. Hope to see you and your family someday.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good night Ada

After came back from the hospital, Ada hasn't slept through the night like she used to. She kept waking up every few hours and she lets me know that she needs me by tapping her leg. Finally. I decided to give her Advil PM before she go to bed. It seems to help so we both can get a good night sleep. She also has gas in her tummy too. I just have to open her g-tube to let the air out. We still working on it because she seems to sleep better when I lay down with her.
Ada had slept with us in our bed since she was born till she turn 4. I had Archie so she decided to move out and have her own room. She was in and out of our bed till the night before the accident. It might sound weired but I also grew up this way with my parents.
She is also moving around in bed and in the recliner. I can keep her in her wheelchair for long. She manages to wiggle down which make it hard to transfer her from chair to bed. She is also stiffen up her body and won't stand up on her feet.
I am sure she still have some pain. She does not want to walk as much. We are working on getting her back to before surgery.
John and Kristen Olson came to see Ada. John went in to the room and said hello to Ada, she smiled. She recognized him right away. It would be nice to have more of her friend stop by to see her. I know she gets bored sometime.
We go outside everyday and I push her around the block. Good for her and good excercise for me too.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The first time, Terry and I came to Ball State U., we had to take a placement test for our English class. We were given the dictation from one of the instructor. At the end of the sentence, he said "period". I was confused, where I came from, we put "fullstop" at the end of the sentence. So I decided to put the word "period" at the end of the sentences. At the last minute, I changed all the "period" to the dots. I was saved. Then I found out that the word "period" is used for the word "menstrual" too. Strange!
Sorry for the babble, and I do not intent for the whole world to know that Ada just had her period for the first time after the accident, but I think it is a good new. I was excited, at the same time, I know that she was uncomfortable and cranky, just like normal.
We set her on the walker yesterday and she walked for one round. We will work on walking and standing today. She still wakes up in the middle of the night and threw all the pillows and blanket out of bed. Not sure she wants to play or what. After a while she went back to sleep till her nurse come at 10.
Here is the picture of Ada and Arthy. Arthy will graduate from Pike High school in a few day. He was on his way to prom last week.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


On Monday, May 5 th, we went to Clarian West in Avon for Ada's surgery to remove the kidney stones. It is a bit far away from home. Not sure why they sent us there.We usually go to Methodist Hospital here, downtown. Staying at Clarian west is like having a vacation at 5 star hotel. All the rooms are private, very roomy with flat screen TV, DVD player, small fridge and wooden laminate floor. A courtyard in the middle with ponds and waterfall, home of the mommy and daddy duck with 12 ducklings.
The surgery went well, the nurse came out to get me she said Ada was doing good for 45 min. then started throwing a fist. She said may be I can calm her down. I went in recovery room and tell them I've never seen her like this before; kicking and trying to pull all of the tubes that were adhered to her body. I'll be mad too so "Give her some drug" I said.
She was sleepless all night and we had to give her couple more doses of pain killer. She was calmer in the morning, just laid there half asleep. The nurse offer to clean her up and put her on the chair. I went down stair to get some lunch, came back and sat down beside her. Suddenly, her eyes had turn to the right and she did not response to me calling her. Her face was pale, yellow-greenish. I was panic, scare and not sure what had happened to her. I thought I had lost her, again.
They must have call Code Blue. Suddenly 10 people rushed into the room. I sat down and broke down and cried. I called Terry and told him to come, now. They took Ada to the Critical Care Unit, she had a seizure, a big scarely one. Everyone told me she is going to be ok. Finally everything was under controlled. Watching her, laying there, with the an orange plastic tube sticking down her throat, the breathing machine, the monitor that beeps when something is not quite right. They even put a pig lines on her left arm so all the IV and Med can be served at the same time.
I sat down, quietly with pen and my sketch book and started my drawing. It keeps me calm and my mind get busy with something else. I can't be angry or scare or give up. I need to be strong for Ada.
She slept most of the time. Finally, her face turn pink again. Everything is back to normal but I still have the scarely thought sometime. Is it normal for her to have seizure like this or is it because she did not have her seizure medicine for 36 hours? May be the combination of stress and medications that they gave her had caused this? Is there a "How to take care of a love one with severe brain Injury" for Dummy? I hate it when the doctor told me that it is "normal" for a person with her condition to have this. Then tell me all the possible "normal" things that can happen so we can prevent it.
Ada is home now with a hole on her back from the surgery. She is happy and still sleeps a lot. Her nurses rushed in to give her shower so she won't smell like hospital.
May be this is going to be "Normal" way of life for us. I watch "Michael J. Fox" Special on TV. I got inspired by what he said; "Just be happy for what you have". I will try that.
A few nurses at Clarian West were deeply care for Ada. Funny how all the nurses can tell that she gave them "the look" after they came in and mess with her. May be we should stick with Methodist hospital and Dr. Biggerstaff.
I just realized how strong I am and how strong I have to be. Giving up is not the option. Through this journey, I lost a few friends but gain so many.
Now I need a break and will report back when Ada starts walking again.
Bye for now.