Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good night Ada

After came back from the hospital, Ada hasn't slept through the night like she used to. She kept waking up every few hours and she lets me know that she needs me by tapping her leg. Finally. I decided to give her Advil PM before she go to bed. It seems to help so we both can get a good night sleep. She also has gas in her tummy too. I just have to open her g-tube to let the air out. We still working on it because she seems to sleep better when I lay down with her.
Ada had slept with us in our bed since she was born till she turn 4. I had Archie so she decided to move out and have her own room. She was in and out of our bed till the night before the accident. It might sound weired but I also grew up this way with my parents.
She is also moving around in bed and in the recliner. I can keep her in her wheelchair for long. She manages to wiggle down which make it hard to transfer her from chair to bed. She is also stiffen up her body and won't stand up on her feet.
I am sure she still have some pain. She does not want to walk as much. We are working on getting her back to before surgery.
John and Kristen Olson came to see Ada. John went in to the room and said hello to Ada, she smiled. She recognized him right away. It would be nice to have more of her friend stop by to see her. I know she gets bored sometime.
We go outside everyday and I push her around the block. Good for her and good excercise for me too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

I am glad you figure out about the advil and it is helping both to sleep better through the night. Hopefully the pain will go away soon.

Nice about sleeping together and feeling sweet. Your kids love being around you, don't they.

It is good that she continues to recognize friends who visit!!!

Much love and hugs.........FS

cu#1835024 said...

You are so in tune with Ada; it is wonderful to know that she is having the best care. Nobody else can do it better than you do. I pray that all the pain subside and Ada will rest better very soon.

In turn, we (friends) just need to focus on you and your needs. How is your back? I hope you are doing better despite the back-breaking routine work that you are going through each day.

Thank you for continuing with the posts and for all the lovely thoughts and acts. May God bless you with peace and harmony every minute of the day.