Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One on One

We went back to see Speech Pathologist. This time she suggested we sat outside of the room while Ada went in and work with her. At first, Ada didn't cooperate very well. She push the equipment away and threw stuffs on the floor. I waited, patiently, in the other room. Forty minutes passed and the door opened. Ada did settled down and worked on the given task. She is able to focus and listen to the instructions.
Forget about the talking machine for a while, we are going back to showing her pictures. She responses well at home, especially with the picture of Cheerios.
I went to the paint store and picked up some paint chips. Stick one on the board and the other one on with Velcro. Ada is able to match all the pictures and the right color chart. Cheap and effective, we actually work on that 3-4 times a day. Good thing there are several hardware store around here I can visit.Don't want to get caught with a purse full of paint chips. They are free, I know.
Feeding tube is still in tack. I did called the Patient Advocate to see if they can do anything to help us calm Ada down in ER, the lady told me to talk to the doctor. They cannot sedate Ada in the ER, but may be a sleeping med would work. Like I haven't talk to Dr.before, most ER Dr., especially the intern, had no idea what to do with Ada anyway.
She is happy, healthy and laughing a lot. She continues to make progress, at her own pace. We just have to be patience.
Rachael still comes to see Ada every week, despires her hectic work schedule and not too shabby personal life. I love you, Rachael.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

Great news about therapy at home and the paint chips at home!!! Rachael seems to be a true friend. Good to see that!

I am glad the feeding tube is intact! I do not know what is wrong with so many physicians in this country. They no longer seem to study medicine for the caring profession it is... Yiakes! Good, caring ones are hard to find!

We are hoping to see you again soon!!!!!!!!!!! I miss Ada. Did you see my message about coming? Let me know your thoughts. E-mail me!

Take care. Love to you both!

Rachel Radez said...

I love you too Ponsawan!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. You don't know me, but I first got to know of your polymer work years ago. I have been following Ada's progress and continue to think of her often. You are an amazing Mom and a wonderful artist. Sending well wishes from Southern California.

MaryL said...

It is so thrilling to hear of Ada's progress...especially how she gets all the charts correct! What a great therapy tool :) So wonderful to hear that she is "Happy, Healthy and Laughing"!!!

angkana said...

Ponsawan, I'd bet you put together the most colorful paint chips and also turn them into a work of art.

I do not visit enough, sorry. I will do better.

Much Love for you and Ada,