Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toe nails

Ada had her toe nail pulled out a couple of weeks ago. We do not know what had happened to her toe, but the nail just did not grow properly. Of course, she either let us trim nor touch it. The doctor quickly suggested that we sedate her and work on the nail. Great, this way nobody will get kick. And because Ada had history of seizure, they felt that we should do it at St. Vincent Hospital.
We always take Ada to Methodist Hospital, but OMG, what's a different they way they treated their patients. Ada had her wisdom teeth pull at Methodist Hospital last month, they put us in a small room with curtain for surgery prep. I always make sure that they understand Ada's condition. I insisted on not taking her home until she stopped bleeding. After being separated, I have to sit in the waiting room while they work with Ada. I wondered off and got a call from Dr. that the surgery was done and she was doing well. I rush back and waited in the waiting area for about 30 min. when they told me I can see Ada. I went in and Ada was in bed, almost sit up in bed. They said she can go home, now. I felt rush but what can I do. I asked how do they know she was not bleeding anymore. They said she didn't swallow as much. In short, get the heck out of here, we need the darn bed.
At St. Vincent Hospital, we were sent into a surgery prep room, which is double the size of the prep room we used to be in, with door. There is a recliner and chairs and I can sit in the room while waiting. Ha? Her nurse brought me soda and cracker. Ada was given a few dose of sleeping pill before they can started the IV. They were very kind and understanding. Of course, the surgery took 15 min. to finish and her Dr. even trimmed all her toe nails. Ada was so sleepy and will be sleeping for a while. Her nurse told me to go get lunch because they will let Ada sleep. Ha? Ada end up sleeping for almost 3 hours before they even try to wake her up.
Can we changed hospital? I felt the need to go and talk to the patient advocate at Methodist Hospital of how badly we were treated for the past 3 years and I didn't realize that until we were at St. V.
For now, Ada is doing fine, and shouldn't have any major hospital even to attend for a while. The feeding tube works well for now. She is alert, much more alert sometime it is quite scare when she stands up from the recliner by herself. I can't leave her alone and she won't leave me alone either. Talking about separation anxiety. Sometime I think she acts like a typical 3 years old who likes to cling on to mom's leg, needs all attention, and occasionally, throwing tantrum.


MaryL said...

wow! What a difference in caring and compassion!! Sure wish you could change hospitals...maybe some letters would help, never know...And maybe some glowing letters to SV for the huge difference...whether it changes things or not towards Methodist H, I'm sure it would make SV even better :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Ponsawani! So the Catholics took better care of Ada than the Methodists, huh? Just kidding.... I am glad you are switching hospitals. I agree that it would be good to write two letters. One to SV thanking them for their high quality services and understanding and one to MH.

Did you check with SV about ordering therapy? I keep thinking that if Ada is given more therapy she will progress faster.

Take care. Hugs, F&M

Anonymous said...

More therapy WOULD be good! Maybe in the letter to SV you could ask for an appointment with a physiatrist who would be willing to prescribe just that? and maybe help in getting insurance to pay? 3 hours a day, (OT, PT, and speech), for 2-3 days a week would make a world of difference for you and for her. Wouldn't hurt to ask anyway, and maybe would help?

I am glad all went well with her wisdom teeth and her toenails, and coincidence(?) Trent's toenail on his most affected side had to be fixed too! The first doctor actually took the whole nail, and when it grew back in-grown(?)again, I took him to a regular podiatrist who just took each side and deadened nerves there to fix it.

All the best to you both!

KC said...

Hi Ponsawani, I have not been around much. I think about you and your daughter. Glad to see she is doing better. I pray for God to keep you all safe and to give you strength. I know it is not easy. Much Love, Elaina.aka. KC

angkana said...

Thanks for all detail accounts; you teach me to understand the health care system and its operation better.

Nathan cut himself and visited the ER 2 weeks ago. His ER doctor put together the (almost) severed left thumb tip well but he wrapped it too tight. Gangrene set in and we were scared of losing the thumb. Thank God his thumb is OK.

Nathan's incident can never compare to what Ada has gone and been going through. It just reminds me that accidents can happen any time.

Be safe and may you have peace everyday.