Sunday, July 19, 2009

And she wants some more

Ada has been eating and eating and eating like she hadn't eaten for a year. Well, it had been more than a year. Now she picks up the spoon and feed herself when I give her sweet potato and she is working in scooping the potato by herself. I have to be creative when cooking for her since she is still working on chewing and moving her food around her mouth. Just want to make sure she gets enough nutrition and fiber. We put cereal in the blow and she feeds herself. When the bowl is empty she let us know.
So it is all about eating right now.
We went to Rachael's Bridal shower today. First I thought Ada might be uncomfortable around people but she is doing well. I think people just feel uncomfortable around her. This is the first outing we went. The wedding is next month.


koreanirishmom said...

You both continue to amaze me...tonight I was thinking of where we were last year...that time seemed so real to me and then I read this new blog and well like I said you and Ada amaze me I have run out of adjectives to describe what is taking place on Sunshine Ave.

Always in my thoughts,

Anonymous said...

Ponsawani and Ada,

Fast speed growth! WOW!!!

The more her friends are around her the more comfortable they will be.

Keep eating Ada and are so creative and such a good mom no doubt you will figure out the right diet and delicious too! Go for it!

Love and hugs

angkana said...

I agree that the more Ada's friends are around her the more comfortable they will be.

You are helping many people to discover their emotional limit and push through it. Thanks for continuing to give to others.


Kimequa said...

what a cute photo!! And SOOO excited to be reading about fooood yum!!