Friday, June 26, 2009

New wheelchair

We received a new wheelchair for Ada today. The origional chairwas a loan. The old company filed bankruptcy and the new one finally be able to order a new chair and the custom cushion for Ada. It took... oh, about 10 months.
Kellen, Ada's old schoolmate delived the chair by himself. Kellen had been wanted to visit Ada and finally he got to come. The chair is very nice and easier to use. We put Ada on the chair and put the belt on her. It looks like the one they use on the airplane. Ada flicked it open with her finger and laughed at us. Ha... ha.. It took her 10 second to figure it out. Kellen had to exchange the old strap with the new one. She is still sliding down but I hope she learn to sit still on the chair longer. Thanks Kellen.
We sat her at the dinning table. I put a piece of pork ring in front of her, she grabed the whole piece and put it in her mouth. Sorry John, the girl knows how to eat.
She also took a long walk around the house today. We will get her out to the museum tomorrow. It'd been so warm outside.
Ada continues eating and now she is able to tell which one she likes and doesn't like, or if she wants more.


jujuly25 said...

Hi Ponsawan ! I come to visit and see Ada's progress from time to time. Congrat for your strengh. You have my support

Anonymous said...

Yessssssssss...the chair has arrived.Hopefully she will learn to sit in it better because it is giving her proper support. I know Ada is always coming up with new challenges for you and you have risen to all of them and found a way to make things work.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad for Ada to get better support with a new chair! Hopefully now it will be easier for her to keep her body straight and not scoop down. It was extra special for Kellen to deliver it. Did Ada remember him? Wow! She is really moving forward figuring things out quickly.

I am sure she will continue to challenge you with the food now that she can figure out what she likes and what she doesn't like or if she wants more. Go Ada!

Never a dull moment, but you are doing great, Ponsawani with all the changes and challenges! I can't wait for her to have a whole meal and stop her other food!

Love and a big hug!

cu#1835024 said...

Ada has been skinny all her life despite her unbelievable appatite. Will Ada gain weight too fast now that she starts to eat more. I rest assure that you give her good exercises and keep her very active. How do you know to do all that?

Ponsawan, you are the best.


PS: Paypal time today.