Monday, June 8, 2009

Come walk with me

Hello, It's Rachel again!
I thought this was so cool, that I wanted to share! I was outside with Ada and she was having a FIT! She was pushing back on the wheelchair so hard that it almost fell backwards! I told her that I was gonna lock the wheels on her wheelchair if she kept on! She seemed to get more angry, I knew she wanted to go inside, but I told her she had to wait a minute. I locked the wheels...... Ponsawan came outside as Ada was STANDING UP OUT OF HER WHEELCHAIR. To make a long story short.... We stood on each side of her to see where she was going. She WALKED all the way to the back room to her bed, turned around and layed down!! All we did was help keep her balanced. It was amazing. Then she starting taking off her shoes, which I helped her finish. I called my mom and she said it sounds like I need to make Ada mad more often! Well, catch you guys next time!!
Merisa and her cousins came by to see Ada and brought more flowers for her. Thank you guys.


Susan Turney said...

OMG, Ponsawan...this seems to be a really BIG deal!!! Every time I see a new entry I get just a little anxious....hoping for good news but there have been some setbacks. This one is wonderful!!!!

Aunt Ting said...

My dear Ada,

This is the most beautiful gift for your mom's birthday this month. Great effort!!! Do it again and do it more often, my darling. We are thrilled by your determination.

kimequa said...

WOOOHOOOOOO!!! Go Ada!!! :) :) :) Sassy McLassy! haha woman knows how to get what she wants ;)

Anonymous said...

that is so freaking awesome GO ADA!!!

Melanie said...

Dear Miss Ada, I have been watching your progress from afar, but I feel like I've been there every "step" of the way through your mothers words (and) dear friends too. What you did this day is a HUGE step!!!!! GO ADA GO ADA GO ADA GO ADA..... :) Bless you and yours

cu# 1835024 said...

WOO HOO! What fantastic news!

Ada, you continue to impress us with your determination. (God blesses your future husband (smile))

I love your new photos. I think Daniel should stop the one he's working from old photos and do a life portrait of you when we visit Sunshine Street, Indianapolis.

Big Hugs,
Aunty Yui

Anonymous said...

Go Ada! Awesome...wonderful!

F & M

Domitsu said...

Thank you for your photos. Anger and frustration can be good motivations !

Anonymous said...

Wow ... great news!! So happy to see this.

lol ... I just about had heart failure when the music started on this web page ... wasn't expecting it and the volume was way up :(

WonderfulWire said...

Oh man!! Fantastic!! Yay!!!