Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dental appointment

Ada went to see the dentist, Dr. West at IU dental school today. She sat through the x-ray machine without a fight but we have to wrapped her up while sitting in the chair so Dr. West can look at her teeth. Dr. West was very pleased with what she saw. She said we took good care of her which make me very happy. Actually, it was her nurses who take care of the brushing. Eating also help her teeth get cleaner too. We will go back later and have her teeth clean and do more x-ray.
She is also eat a lot more. Let's see; a bowl of cereal, half pear, half cup of sweet potato, half bowl of cracker, a little bit of puree potato and carrot. That's quite a lot, isn't it? Her stomach is doing just fine. I also reduce her formula intake so she won't get too much. She seems happy and smiles a lot.
You can check what is Ada doing now at (Try to keep up with the rest of the world)


Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawani,

Fantastic! I am glad her teeth are in good shape. The nurses and you are doing a fantastic job!!!! Yes, she is eating a great variety in a short period pf time! Wow! You are such a great caretaker! Ada, you are doing so well eating and being patient...I am so proud of you Great job you two!

Much love and many hugs,

WonderfulWire said...

That's so wonderful!! I know from my own experience that when you are deprived of food over a very long time, you feel an inner tenseness and anxiety a lot of the time. Especially when you are surrounded by smells of food. When I started eating again, that inner 'turmoil' was immediately gone... It was so wonderful... I'm sure her body is very happy right now. :)

cu#1835024 said...

Happy eating, Ada!!!

R Yui