Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mind of her own

We still waiting to hear back about therapy for Ada at RHI. It seems like if you don't make enough or significant progress, the insurance will be hesitated to approve for more therapy, but she really needs it.

After a week of intense walking, she decided not to walk as much. Just got up from one chair and sat down on another chair. On the sunny day we took her outside. She walks right to the car and try to open the door, then walk to the other side and try to open the door again. It is not easy telling her where to go, she just goes where she wants to go and drag me and Karec along.

She does pay more attention to the food. She looks at it before she eats. Sometime I mix different kinds of cereal together with Cheerio, she will picks those out and drop them on the floor. And she eats better with Karec. I put Cheerio in the Rubbermaid container with the small lid that flip open. Ada will grab that and flick open the lid and pours Cheerio into the bowl.

I guess she is in a lazy mode this week, takes a nap in the afternoon and sleeps through the nite.

Abby came by and noticed that Ada did not scratch her head as much as she used to do.

With her hand jester, she is able to tell us what she wants. She would point to the bowl if she wants more food, or hit the side of the bed when she gets sleepy. Around 10:00 pm, she will hit the side of her leg to tell us that she wants to go to the bathroom. Overall, she is very happy that we are able to recognize what she is trying to tell us. And we are happy that she is happy. :)


Anonymous said...


She is progressing so much even if the experts might not think of according to their standards of progress. You know best and if you think she needs the therapy, I hope they approve. I am on your side! Mom knows best!

It is so amazing that she goes to the car on both sides, that she tells you what she wants with her gestures.

I can't wait for the day that she understands yes and no and communicates it blinking or with a hand gesture or a noise.

It is good when people that don't see her daily come to visit and can tell changes that you might not notice like not scratching her head as much.

Keep up with her...she is a tough cookie, but a "delicious" one, worth every single effort!

Love and hugs always...........

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much Ada is communicating with you and others. Clearly she is thinking, rewiring, re-programing her 'hard drive'. And now she needs a small break before moving on to the next step. I believe there was so much happening in her brain when she did those walks.
I hope Ada receives the tharapy she needs.

koreanirishmom said...

When we talk the next time...I will tell you about my dream....take care


Jackie said...

It's almost always good news, Ponsawan, isn't that nice? For me to think of where she began with this part of her life and see how far she's come along - wow. It's like a miracle. You've been working without fail with her and it's paid off well. I pray all the time that it will continue for her and for you, and one day she won't need you as much as she does now.
Big hugs! Jackie

angkana said...

Great post. Thanks so much.

I pray that Ada got the therapy she needs. I think her rate of progress is good so I can't understand why they delay the approval.