Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evaluation at RHI

We took Ada back to RHI Rehab hospital for evaluation in hoping that she will qualify for some therapy since she does not get any for quite a while. She does get Mom Therapy at home and mom is running out of idea.

On Wednesday, we met with PT and OT and on Thursday with Speech Therapist. Ada did really good and very cooperative the first day. She lifted her knees and legs up for the therapist and also walking around with and without her walker. We set the goal for her that we want to see her stand up straight on both feed and help with transfer. PT noticed that she won't put much weight on her left foot so may be some Botox will help relax her leg muscle. OT definitely can help with her left shoulder and arm. We can tell that she has some pain when we try to move her arm around. The next day is not as easy. When the speech therapist started asking her some question. Question! I was really discouraged. Ada cannot communicate well enough but she is able to tell me that she wants something. After that we let her walk around the hall, she turned into the office and wanted to go into a room. We were struggled to get her back to the hallway. People get panic and asked if we need help or a wheelchair. Many just stopped and were amazed that Ada can walk. Now we have to wait for a few weeks to get approved.

Ada continues to smile and laugh all day. She is in a good mood lately. At night if she can't sleep, I just open her feeding tube and let the air out, she will go back to sleep.

She also walked to another neighbor's house today. Linda was home this time and let Ada in.

My friend, Yui, came from North Carolina to visit us. We went to the Museum because, as a fellow Architect, I know she would love it there. Yui took time to examine each painting and read all the description while Ada was waiting. Once in a while Ada will pull Yui's shirt or pants to tell her that it is time to move on. We had fun. I also drove Yui to Champaign to visit her old friends at U of Illinois and we had the best pizza there. Yui and Ardis finally met today when we had lunch together at Thai restaurant.

Keep fingers cross for the good results, and hope we can go back to therapy soon.


Ting said...

What a beautiful lady wearing a beautiful necklace beaming over beautiful flowers with her gorgeous and most sincere smile. Happy Birthday to you Yui. I am sure you had a good time with Ada, Ponsawan and our special friend Ardis.

Thanks Ponsawan for the update on Ada, who is communicating well with Yui, a new face for her since the accident.

Best of luck with the therapy. The health system is so structured and need-based that it ignores humanity. You have been and will always be your daughter's best therapist, Ponsawan. I know you will never give up.

angkana said...

Dear All Friends,

You've got to see Ada! She is as beautiful as you think she is and even more. She is a human-being with no pretension. She is observing and responds to our attention and loving gestures. When she smiles; your heart skips a beat or two...

More importantly Ada is our daughter who teaches us so much about ourselves.

Ponsawan, thank you so much for your hospitality and for being all about loving and giving. Next time we will go to Chicago together and we will take Ada too.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Ponsawan...I walked in and out of your presence while at the IPCG retreat in Chicago. I never got to know you just told you how much I loved your work. Still, I knew there was something very sweet about you and was delighted when you won the tin decorating contest. Now I happen upon your blog...can't remember what got me here or why...and I realize I met you for a brief moment. Now I know more about you and my heart reaches out to you. What a special , talented, loving, caring, person you are. And the best advocate your daughter could ever have. God bless you as you move through each day. Laura

Silastones said...

Dear Laura
I remembered being miserable because it was the first time in a year that I left Ada. It was my first retreat so I wasn't sure what was going on, but it is nice to go out and meet other clayer.

Silastones said...

Yui was a perfect model that day. She wore black shirt and black pants. The necklace is matching the color of the dahlia and yui beautiful smile. Perfect. :)

koreanirishmom said...

Dear Yui,
It was such a pleasure to finally meet in person the woman who always has such positive and kind words for Ada's family. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for the lovely cup and saucer...I will enjoy my tea in it and feel very regal.I know you and Ponsawan have been friends since childhood but your friendship has never been needed more than now...while there is joy and hope the days are long and knowing the kindness of friends is what sustains her. Like so many of her friends I know she and Ada are never far from our thoughts. As I journey to Korea for three weeks to see my son...I will carry them in my thoughts and heart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani, Yui and Ardis,

I hope with all my heart that Ada is accepted in therapy. It will do wonders to continue the great work the Ponsawani has began.

I too am glad that you were so gracious to spend your birthday with old friends. Thank you for your long time friendship with Ponsawani and for your outpouring love and support for Ada.

I too hope to meet the two of you some day since you both have been so good to Ada and my dear friend Ponsawani. Ardis, have a great visit with your son.

Can't wait for the news that Ada is accepted in rehab.

Love and hugs, FS