Monday, September 28, 2009

Just what I want to hear

We went to see Dr. Lipson today. Ardis went with us so we both can ask all kind of questions for Ada. Dr. Lipson is the Brain Injury Medical Director at RHI. Last year when Ada was admit there, Dr. Lipson did not have any high hope for Ada but later grew to love Ada just like the rest of the therapist and the nurses at RHI. She was very pleased to see that Ada was smiling and shake hand with her. Dr. Lipson asked all kind of question about Ada like how she communicate, how good she can walk and what else she can do. Then Dr. Lipson asked Ada a question. She asked Ada to look at mom and see if mom's shirt is black and white or red and yellow and asked her to put one finger up for yes, two for no. Ada was listening but cannot put that together. So we have to teach her to communicate for yes and no and ask her simple question. Dr. Lipson told us that Ada's case is complicated and she didn't think Ada will talk! Ah-ha. Now that's might be what I want to hear.
We will take Ada back to RHI so they can do some evaluation with PT, OT and SPT, set a goal and ask the insurance if they will pay for it. For the time being, we will teach her to use her fingers so, just in case she won't talk, she still can communicate. Keep my fingers cross, I know she will.
Next week she will get her Botox shot on her left arm at RHI. It is getting stiff and she won't let me exercises her left arm anymore.
For the sleepless night, I think we figure that one out. has to do with acid reflux and what she eats before bedtime.


Anonymous said...

From what you have shared, Ada does amazing things every day, that the doctors didn't think would happen. She will surprise everyone even more and I'm sure talking will come along too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ponsawan, I love how you take a doubt that a doctor has and turn it into a challenge. Your wonderful care and Ada's incredible determination is quite a combination.
You two are an awesome team. Go team go! Thank you for the updates. There are so very many of us who care and are cheering you on...always.

WonderfulWire said...

Thanks so much for keeping us all updated!! I know Ada will continue to do many things never expected... I believe she will go far beyond anyone's expectations. Keep going and keep charging ahead!

angkana said...


All great news! YEAH! In addition, I continue to learn more from your blog. Great record keeping, thank you.

I will see you all this Saturday. Can't wait. Tell Ardis, I look foward to meeting her in person.


Terricka said...

Ponsawan, you are an amazing amazing amazing woman, mother and artist, god bless you and your beautiful family.
I just happened upon your blog to find some ideas for polymer clay and your writing captivated me to read more. You are truly an inspiration. Take care of you and yours!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

I have been without internet since Sept 13th and was DESPERATE to have it back to get to the blog and see how Ada is doing. I missed you both. The doctor obviously jumps into conclusions too can she say she will not talk if she thought she didn't have high hopes for Ada and look at all what she has been able to do? I think the question was complicated. It needs to begin simpler.

All what it takes is teaching her. You will achieve that with Ada, no doubt!! YOU CAN!

I can't wait for the evaluations. I hope she is covered for the PT and all those specialists qualify her for therapy.

Wow! leave it up to you to figure out what is wrong with what is happening, ie. sleepless are awesome!

Yui, glad you are visiting Ponswani.

Love you lots, F

Anonymous said...

Hey, if that long question and the instruction for answers were thrown at me by a medical specialist, and the answer was demanded right away in the specialist's room, my reaction would be no different from Ada's. Will the specialist conclude that I am unable to communicate?

Ada's brain is rewiring itself. From my point of view she is like a young child learning to talk again. Noone uses that kind of question to assess a child's ability to talk.

The higher medical expertise, the less commonsense.

I am with you Ponsawan. I believe you know Ada better than anybody else. You have proved it.