Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About the teeth

Ada had her teeth cleaned yesterday. The dentist at IU Oral surgery department, Dr. West, who work with special patient, like Ada, was very pleased with how clean her teeth are. No cavity but have to watch out the molar on the back. Thanks to her nurses who insist that Ada will have her teeth brushed twice everyday. It is not an easy task because she will move her head away and swing her arm and grab her nurse's hair. I am so thankful that someone else is willing to do it.
We have to give her a small dose of sleeping pill, enough to make her drowsy. She smiled and looked happy. They have to wrap her in a blue strap suit while on the table. After that I had a chance to trim her finger and toe nails, which is another difficult task that we have to deal with.
Now we have to go back every 6 month.
Other than that, she keeps eating, walking and give us beautiful smile everyday.
Thanks for all the comments from the last post, from my heart.
P.S. Thank you Ardis who accompany us to see the dentist.


angkana said...

Nurses are most special people. I am glad to hear about Ada's nurses and the great contributions they made.

I got the idea but never really knew that you have followers all over the world. It is uplifting to hear from many of them.

Love makes the world go around. I can feel it now.


Anonymous said...

Ada will be grateful that her mum makes an effort to maintain her beautiful teeth.
I didn't realise that so many aspects of personal hygiene need to be looked after.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

I am glad her teeth were in good shape. We take for granted the simple tasks of daily life like how easy and fast is to brush one's teeth, but this too is a time consuming task that even requires a nurse. You are doing great! Thanks for taking care of Ada so well. You are special.

Lots of love and hugs!