Monday, September 7, 2009

Neighbor's house

She walked into our next door neighbor's house this morning. When the kids were young, they went to play at the Bartz's basement all the time. We had our house built at the same time and our kids grew up together.
Ada was walking with her walker on the street just like we always do, suddenly she let go of the walker which mean she want to walk with me. I grab her and she led me through the driveway, through the walkway, and sat down on a bench at the front porch. Making her hand jester to tell us that she wanted to open the door, I knocked. Larry came and took her into his house. Ada walked right through the hallway to the family room and sat on the recliner in front of TV. Just like she knew exactly where she wanted to go.
We didn't know what to do or why she did that. She seems calm and comfortable. It was a familiar place, may be she remembered.
Larry walked her back out, she took a big step from the porch and walked toward her chair.
It was a nice visit. Larry, Colleen and Haley were trilled, and so do I.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see Ada reached out to old friends on her own. She is THINKING, Ponsawani!!!!!!!!! Yeah!

Glad the neighbors were happy to have her.

Love and hugs