Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ada received her Botox shots yesterday on her calf muscle and forearm. We gave her a shot of Valium before we get there and she looks a bit drowsy. She was schedule for sedation and the fun began. It took 4 of us to hold her down so the nurse can insert IV line into her wrist. 2 shots of sedation and she still wide awake and trying to get up. 2 more shots and I walked out of there when Dr. Dave' started to poke her leg with a big needles. I went back, they were done but Ada still didn't sleep a wink.
We should see the result in a couple of days.


Kimequa said...

Once again Ada proves that she is 1)very stubborn and 2)she may look small, but is actually stronger than 4 adults!!

WonderfulWire said...

Wow! Poor girl... hopefully it will help a lot though. Those wrist IV's are down-right painful!! Hugs to you Ada...(And you too Pons :)

angkana said...

Hugs to you too Ponsawan and Ada.

Anonymous said...

I hope the pain was worth it and that the botox shot helped!

Hang in there, Ada!

Love and hugs,


Ting said...

My dear Ponsawan,
I haven't written for a while but I check Ada's news everytime I turn the computer on. I like the new photos you put on the blog, of Yui and the three of you in the restaurant, and Ada's new photo. Ada looks marvellous -- her face, her eyes and her smile tell everything. She is intelligent, beautiful and above all, happy.

Ada is on her way ... I hope all is well with the botox and it's effect.

angkana said...

I miss you. The weekend we spent together is memorable. Thanks for being the best hostess anyone can have.