Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good night, Ada

We are still struggled with her sleeping. Most of the time, if I open her tube and let the access air out, she will go back to sleep. Some night that she sleeps well, I can't sleep. She starts taking a nap in the afternoon so I nap with her. We snuggle in bed together. It is nice because she let me hug her again and we play and laugh together under the blanket.
She continues to walk around the house 10-20 laps each day. Me and her nurse have to take turn because she will get up from the chair, walk around, come back to her room, sit on the chair and want to get up again. Ada will hang on to our neck while she walk. Once in a while we let her walk almost by herself by just holding her right arm, and she seems to like it. Now we let her walk to the car instead of taking her out on wheelchair, and she walks back into the house.
Still waiting for the call from RHI. We just got letter from medicaid, they are processing the request and needs more information.
I also be able to sneak in baby food into her meal, just to make sure she gets friut, veggie and meat. Basically, she just eats yogurt and Cheerio. Until she can chew better. I tried V8 soup too and she doesn't care for it much even though it tastes much better than those baby food. And yes, I taste everything she eats.


WonderfulWire said...

That is so fantastic! I pray she walks more and more everyday!! On a side not... I don't know how she is on soups but I just discovered the most fantastic mixture! I'm back on liquids myself and this tastes really wonderful! Simple: 1 can tomato soup with 1/2 can of milk or soy milk and 1 heaping teaspoon of 'Classico Basil Pesto' (comes in a jar) absolutely delicious and bursting with flavor! Maybe she'll like it :)
MaryL :)

Anonymous said...

So much TLC in your day to day duties to care for Ada, so much so that my eyes welled up.
You have been demonstrating to us what 'unconditional love' really means. Thank you Ponsawan.
I hope Ada continues to walk well, eat well and sleep better.

Silastones said...

Thanks Mary, it needs the consistant of yogurt, so it has to be reaaly thick and hang on to the spoon. I will try it.

sharon said...

As the mother of a child who survived a head injury and was left unable to swallow for so long, I just want to let you know that you and your daughter are in my prayers...and to say too, that it gets better and better with each passing day, month and year...All the best to you and your family!

koreanirishmom said...

Reading here in Korea and I can't believe she is walking to the car...we took just a few weeks ago to the dr. and she wasn't doing that...that is great news.
Take care and give her a hug from Ardis

Anonymous said...


Great news about Ada walking to the car now and her perseverance to continue walking at home so much. Hang in there as it must be exhausting for you! I am glad you take turns with the nurse.

I will try the soup too, Mary...

I hope Ada continues to sleep and eat more solids....

Great photo of Yui, Ardis and you!

Take care! Much love and many hugs. Miss you!

angkana said...

Hi Ponsawan,

I missed you yesterday and kept thinking all day that I need to stop what I am doing and call you to see how Ada is. I'll call tonight.

Thanks for writing beautiful and gentle thoughts. I am learning from you how to love and serve my family.

Biggest Hugs for Monday :),

PS: I just sent my little donation for Ada. Please hug her and tell her I said Good Night.