Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to RHI

An appointment with Dr. Barrio went well on Friday with a bit difficulty in the x-ray room. It was hard to tell Ada to stay still and the technician guy was about to run out of patient. Finally, Dr. Barrio had to come in. He was down on his knees, held Ada's hand and told her that she needs to de still for a few second, and she did.
She needs to put the brace on all the time for 4 weeks but we got green light for therapy.
So, today Karec and I took Ada to RHI. First we sat down with Speech therapist and we worked on teaching her to say yes and no or make a choice. There are some technique that we can work at home and be consistence.
With Physical therapist, I showed her the video of Ada's walking around the car. She noticed that when Ada gets up from the chair, we have to pull her up. So today we taught her to stand up on her own by holding on to our hand. Oh, it's works well and will be easier on our back too. Then we took her out on a hallway and let her walked by holding on to the rail, and she did really good. So we are planning to put a rail on the hall at home.
At this point we cannot tell if she can balance herself or not. It must be nice for her to be able to walk in an open space. She did well today.
We came home and I put Corn Pop in her bowl instead of Cheerio. She looked at it, looked at me and put the bowl down. After a while she grab the bowl and started eating the Corn Pop. She must be hungry.
There are some behavior problems that we should consider correcting them while we can. That's why we need professional help, right? We will go back on Friday and next Tuesday. Then Wednesday we will go to Cross Road rehab to get a communication device and some training.


WonderfulWire said...

Wow! Sounds like wonderful avenues opening up for you all... These changes and techniques are going to be so great! That was funny about the popcorn :)))

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that Ada's broken shoulder isn't hindering her time at therapy. It sounds like you are learning new things to help her along at home.

That's fantastic news today!!

Hugs to you and Ada!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

As I read your new message, I had tears in my eyes when I read "..we got green light for therapy"!!!!!! I am so excited knowing that Ada will progress much faster now and in new dimensions! You will be at her side, as always, trying the techniques at home and shooting for consistency! WOW!!!!!!!

Funny how the male doctor got her to listen....hum! She knows what she is doing....

So excited about the speech therapy, communication device, etc. Can't wait to see what she shares when she is finally able to communicate more and in different ways.

She definitely has a strong mind! Well...I can't say enough or find the right words to share with you how I feel with these news. THANK YOU for sharing with us her updates. Your love, perseverance and commitment to Ada's and your friends is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Love and hugs! Have fun in therapy today!!!

Ting said...

Thank you for updating us with Ada's activities at the rehab. She will make startling progress with the right help.
You have been so patient Ponsawan. I think of you and Ada everyday and send you a lot of love today.