Friday, November 6, 2009


We went back to Holiday Park and let Ada practiced her walk again. She was doing good walking around the car. With the blink of an eye, she fell. Karec and I could not catch her on time, she let go of her hand and try to stand on her own. I can feel , somehow, that she scared or hurt. We came home and saw that she had a scratch on her elbow. Put bandage on it. She looks tired and took a long nap.
Not until late evening, after changed her into pajama, I noticed that her left shoulder was swollen. We took her to ER right away. From the x-ray we can see that she had fracture her shoulder. She fell on her bottom and I can see her curl up her head and her right arm. Gymnasts always knows how to curl up their body when they fall, but she has no control of her left arm, it must hit the floor pretty hard.
I know that she can feel the pain, but can neither express it, nor tell us. I can feel her pain.
The doctor did not think she need a surgery, just put her arm in the sling and let it heal.
May be we won't be walking anytime soon and it will be difficult to transfer her since we always hold her up under both arms. Two step forward, one step backward. Yesterday I just mentioned to my husband that I wish she was in Therapy now so, may be, we can prevent this accident.
The doctor suggest that we follow up with OrthoIndy. I have to think about that.


WonderfulWire said...

Oh, so sorry to hear of this! Poor Ada... I pray she heals quickly and will not be afraid to try again when she is able. I pray strength and patience for you all as well as you go through this with her...

Anonymous said...

Oh! Ponsawani,

So sorry to hear about this. It could have been worse and she could have needed surgery. I am glad she didn't.

I hope you get the good news soon that she was accepted to therapy. I will keep it my thoughts and prayers. You will see it will happen sooner or later. Hang in there!

You both will make it!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh no...sorry to hear about Ada's fall. Don't let it discourage you. She is in such good hands, I'm sure her recovery will go well. Hang-in-there and know that we care.

Ting said...

Two steps forward and one step backward -- seems to be a pattern of Ada's progress, and I think it applies to everything that is hard to do, every big dream in life. Over all, she has made a steady progress. It may feel slow, but if we look in terms of a time frame that others have taken to fully recover from the same condition, I think Ada is doing very well.

I had tears in my eyes too when I read the previous post about Ada's getting into the car and sitting on the passenger seat by herself.
Ada is very determined like her mother. Nothing is impossible for her.

Fractured shoulder is just another hurdle in her way. Like every other time, she will overcome it.

You have my love and best wishes, Ponsawan and Ada.

angkana said...

I know for fact that you feel Ada's pain. Fortunately Her young body will heal very fast. I hope this winter is mild in Indianapolis.

Ponsawan, please take care of yourself.

Tell Karec, I appreciate she takes care of Ada so well. I am glad she is there to watch over Ada with you.