Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A calm after the storm

We have been dealing with Ada being grumpy and restless and sleepless for a few weeks. Quite stressful for the caregivers, I might say. It is hard to tell whether she is in pain or she wants something. There are a few things that happened though. First, she still sores from her broken arm. Second, she had bladder infection. Third, the feeding tube that came out. Forth, she was grumpy before her period. Fifth, must be a "storm" in her head that keeps her from getting a good sleep.
She had many "storm" before. The first time was a month after the accident when she was shaking and sweating like crazy and she did not get much sleep. A few minor "storm" after that. This is not a medical evaluation by all mean. Just me and my opinion.
We asked her doctor for medicine that will help her sleep. It is a strong med, one that would knock me out for a day or two, but it wasn't work on Ada. And if she did not get enough or good sleep, she will be grumpy and not able to concentrate. That apply to me too, since I am sleeping in her room.
Finally, this past 2 nights, we had good sleep and she is back to be happy and giggling again. There is some good after the storm. Some new skills, new things that she can do.
Karec and I can rest a little bit before the next "storm" come.
V8 is a good thing. I gave Ada 2 serving a day. I tell her it's time for "Bloody Mary", and she smiles.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Dear Ada’s blog post for today. I wanted to tell you that I think the “storms” you are describing are an excellent description and are very positive.
You stated: “There is some good after the storm. Some new skills, new things that she can do.” By training I am an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher. I once went to a special conference dealing with the way children’s brains develop. One of the things that stuck with me was that with little children, the times we call things like “the terrible twos” or whatever have a reason. A child learns lots of new things. Then additional new things are learned and the old “pathways” or “neural connections” have to break down for the new pathways (new things that are being learned) to be formed. While the old ones are “broken” and the new ones are “forming” there is a period of chaos or instability until those new pathways are solid. Since you have noticed there are some new skills she has developed following these periods of “storms”, perhaps that is what is happening and that is a happy thing (although hard to go through, I know, my heart goes out to your whole family and I admire you so much for your love and fortitude in dealing with this. It can’t be easy) as it means maybe she is growing new neural connections. I’m not a Dr., it just really struck me when you described it the way you did and I thought, YES, that’s what we learned in that conference about brain growth. I hope this is the case for Ada.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hugs and smiles, Sue Castle

koreanirishmom said...

Dear Ponsawan,

I have always said you are the one person who knows and observes Ada better than anyone Sue Castle said you have described very well what has been happening to Ada from the beginning. I remember those early days when we couldn't keep up with the sweating and there seemed to be little explanation from the medical community. They only see Ada for a short span of time you live with her 24 hrs. a day. Keep following your instincts...I know it is very hard to be patient but she does make those baby steps we always talked about.

Love to you both

meinmelbourne said...

How I wish I could help you physically with caring for Ada, or with the formation about TBI that you need. Having been busy after our CU Arch Class Reunion and my family holidays, I didn't realised you and Ada had been through difficult times.

Sue Castle's message is heartening and making a lot of senses. I just hope that this 'calm after the storm' last long so you can recharge.

JANE said...

My son has so much in common like Ada. Since a give him a liquid herbal extract CRANBERRY and not once he has a bladder or urinary infection. Give it a try. Good luck

WonderfulWire said...

What Sue has shared is indeed encouraging!! May Ada continue to grow and be able to do more and more... Hugs to you Pons :)