Monday, September 1, 2008

Girl Scout Troop 1298

Rhonda Blake, the #1298 Girl Scout Troop Leader had made a call upon her troop to come out and help our family, and many had showed up today. This is the troop that started since First Grade and they kept it going until they reach High School. The girls became friends and so did the parents. Rhonda's husband, Doug and Katherine George's dad, David, were the biggest moving force to get things done today. Sabrina and her mom were here too. Anna's mom,Lori went to stay with Ada. Abby stopped by then went to see Ada. Carmen and her mom stopped by too. We took the carpet out, primed the wall then painted Ada's room. The bathroom is coming along and the new floor shod be laid down tomorrow, sometime. I still have faith that we will get things done before Friday. Kim from Houston was also here helping out. Many thanks to everyone especially Rhonda. She checked Ada's blog twice a day, so I need to write more so she won't get mad.
The annoying things was that we have so much "stuff" in the house. We have to keep moving them from one room to another. I wish I could snap my finger and those things just disappear.
I hope once Ada got home she will have more visitors. i know some of you do not want to go to the hospital or seeing Ada in the lifeless stage, but she is much better now and looks much better. She also starts to communicate a little bit.
The house still need a lot of works, help is always greatly appreciated. We will add a door from her room so she can go outside and we will create a healing Garden for her so she can be outside when she can.
4 more days and we will all be together again after 6 long months.


Anonymous said...


It is so wonderful that the girl scout troop went to your home to help in the house and visit with Ada. I am sure visits will increase as people get encourage with Ada's improvement! You will be able to finish your house. It always works out somehow! You will see. The garden will be so wonderful! Soon you will all be together, together at last! Hugs, F and M

Anonymous said...

Dear Ada,

So happy you can go home. Aren't girl scouts the best. We never get to old to be a helper. I wish you and your family the best. I still see you "girl scouter's" as little girls. Heck, at 72 everyone is younger. Hopefully, I can come and visit soon. Love you

Rhonda's, Mom

Rhonda said...

I am sure I speak for all the "girls" when I say we were thrilled to be able to help! Also, I am agreeing with Pornsawan. She has TOO MUCH STUFF!!! Looking forward to visiting Ada in her new room and her healing garden.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawan,

Is today the big day? Is Ada coming home today??? Hugs, F and M