Thursday, September 11, 2008

She sleeps through the night this time

When Ada was a baby and we took her everywhere with us. People always ask whether she slept through the night yet, and the answer was always "No". Really, all my 3 kids barely slept through the night when they were younger. Ada must have get into a new routine. She sleep from 10:00 pm till 7 or 8 in the morning and sometime she took a nap in the afternoon too.
We still waiting for the room downstair and the bathroom to finish.
We still waiting for the nurse aid to come and help me twice a week.
We still waiting for the diaper to be delivered.
We still waiting to hear that Ada can go back to RHI for out-patient therapy.
We still waiting for Anti acid medicine because the one she needs is too expensive.
Not for long, I hope. She must be bored staying in the chair and in bed without therapy. I do exercises her legs and arms and we play with her as much as we can. And i get to kiss her and hug her as much as I can. Ardis came over to rescue me from time to time so I can go out and get things done. A friend who is a nurse came by to give her a bath and she also help me find a doctor for her. Once the construction is done, we will need help to put the furniture back into the room (or help throw them away).
I think Ada look much happier at home. I can also cook, clean and do laundry, and make a few jewelry.
One of my necklace is featured in the "Polymer Cafe'" magazine, and a few of my work will be included in a book written by a famous Polymer Clay artist.
Ardis and a few friends will be working on the fundraising event for Ada. If you have any suggestions and can help, please let us know.


Susan Turney said...

Hi Ponsawan,
I was able to pick out some good news!!! I hope everything falls into place soon.
Please post something about the fund-raiser. I would gladly send some of my pieces if you're going to have that type of sale!

Kellen said...

Hi Ponsawan,
You don't know me, I work for Hamiltons, but I know Ada from school. I had actually beed over to your home off of Guion Rd. once. I remember Ada being so full of life and energy, always had a smile on her face. I was sad to here of the news. I was in the middle of putting the order together, just my daily routine I guess, then I realized who it was and it struck me. It's a lot different when you know the person and now I look at things a bit differently than before. Perhaps with a little more care I guess. My prayers go out to her and her family. If there's anything I can do or that you need help with please don't hesitate to call 374-8003, or at Hamiltons.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

I am so glad Ada is resting and sleeping all night. That is so important for her recovery and for your rest! Everything else is going too slow, but it will all fall into place soon! No doubt. Hang in there!

Please share more details about the fundraising activity Ardis is planning. Great idea!

It was moving to read Kellen's words. Thanks for sharing your experience! So many times people are numbers everywhere that they are served or when they enter this country...all what it takes is for someone to personally know one and it is a different ball game...Strangers become family or at least human beings!

A great big hug for you, Ponsawani

cu# 1835024 said...


All the college girlfriends from Thailand are united in our support for you and Ada. We look forward to hearing more about the fund-raising plan from Ardis.

The list of things you are waiting for is very specific and exactly what I need for my prayers.

Keep on keeping on Jim+. We love you.


Anonymous said...

Dear P'Jim+,
It'me Kung, Arty's babysitter when he was 2 or 3. I just heard about Ada from Prapan. I'm shocked.
I can read only your lastest post. I'm glad Ada is going to be better.
You have to take care yourself too.
Tell Ada that Ki-Kung prays for her.
jiraporn (kung)

Anonymous said...

Dear P'Jim,
I am Saksin, I talked to Praphan today. He told me about ADA Acident. I read thru your blog and find out ADA getting better. I hope she getting better and better. I will prays for her to get well.

Hope you and P' Pieak doing well, you both need rest and taking care yourself too . If anything I and Nong can do for you Please, let me know.

Saksin Chongolnee

kimequa said...

Please let us know more about the fund raiser. I know I live far away, but maybe there is some way I can help, if even just spreading the word to my friends who don't live so far away.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawan -
You don't know me. I live in Hawaii and been praying for Ada and you, and your family and all the caregivers. Please post the address of the bank so I can mail a contribution.
God Bless.