Thursday, August 28, 2008

Smile a little smile for me

I went home to get some work done while Kirstin sitting with Ada. I went back and found them under the tree. I said hello to her and Ada gave me a tiny smile. Big enough to brighten the whole world.
Let's see what else she can do. She can wave her right hand to say no or goodbye, do high-five, point with her index finger, move her thumb, shake her head and express her anger and frustration through her eyes. She can stand on her feet, sit by herself at the side of the bed, keep an eye on the object (or a person) longer, turn her head and her eyes to the left, and give us a "look" when she heard the word "Botox".
Everyone at RHI is so trill to see her progress. She continues to surprise us everyday with "What else she can do?"
Today the PT got her to stand up on the walking rail and reintroduce her to "walking". Even though I was the one who moved her feet, a few tiny steps she made would help trickle her brain to rewire and to reconnect itself and she will learn why she needs to stand up.
Even though she cannot do all of the above all the time, we believe that all the hard work and lots of love will pay off and help her to be able to communicate with us again.
My legs really hurt, which means I did not use my back to lift her up any more. I'll be super strong in the near future. She is also helping me by standing up straight and put weight on her legs while I transfer her from bed to chair.
7 more days and she will be home. The construction is still going on, slowly, like a normal construction. I will miss all the good people at RHI and a "Pianoman" who comes and play piano for Ada everyday.


F and M said...


This is amazing! It is so wonderful! Ada, all what you are learning to do little by little is amazing! You are champion. I am so proud of you! Ponsawani, so good to hear of you using your legs to lift her, yeah!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone who knows the Silapirutis or have been touched by who they are, the Silapirutis will have a lot of expenses remodeling their home to make it ADA (American with Disability Act) accessible. You can now contribute to the "FUND FOR THE SILAPIRUTI FAMILY". Please share about this fund with everyone you know, your church, co-workers, friends and relatives. Make checks payable to "Silapiruti". On the memo line write: "Fund FOR THE SILAPIRUTI FAMILY". Mail checks to: 4141 Sunshine Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46228

For all of us who cannot be there with them during this construction face, now we have a way to assist. Lets begin rolling those donations!

A big hug for the Silapiruti family with much love, F and M

Anonymous said...

Ada's "giant" steps leave us breathless everyday. I was concerned her last stay in the hospital would set her back..but instead she kept us smiling and guessing what would come next. Ada has come so far...I tell her every time I am with her how proud we are of her because she is working harder than any of us.

The idea of contributing to a fund for the family is right on may be months or longer before they see any monies from the insurance companies. Please make your checks payable to Ponsawan.

As a friend I can't begin to express to all of you how exciting this progress is and how much the family needs your emotional and financial support.


Sandi James said...

Mazel Tov, Ponsawan. I got tears in my eyes when I read your wonderful news! I will send my gift for the Silapiruti's as soon as I can. Know that I am thinking of your all.

Love to you and your family,
Your PCC friend

Anonymous said...

A smile that the whole world has been waiting for ...

Has finally arrived. Thank you Ponsawan for sharing the great news with us. Let's pray and wait for bigger smiles from Ada our angel. Again you will be the first person who will get those smiles. How wonderful is that!

Good luck with the construction and take good care of yourself.

With much love,

Anonymous said...

Ada's brain is awakening and rewiring itself little by little with all the stimulation that she receives.
Please continue to play with her and nurture her brain with classical or fine music.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comments. Always great! One thing to clarify from your message is for people to follow the instructions of the Fund stated on the first message. When the idea was originated, Ponsawan was consulted and she consulted the appropriate parties. Please, everyone, the checks NEED to be MADE PAYABLE to: Silapiruti, not Ponsawan or Ponsawan Silapiruti. Thank you!

cu#1835024 said...

Ada, you are so loved and I am so moved to hear about your progress.

Thanks for all the posts and heart-felt comments. I am honor to be part of this great connection.

I cancelled the check I wrote out the other day. I am mailing my check payable to "Silapiruti" today.