Sunday, August 24, 2008

Under construction

We are in the process of remodeling the house to accommodate Ada's need. The family room be turned into her bedroom, the small porch will become her bathroom. We will get rid of the carpet and replace it with wooded floor. Come help us if you have time.
I hope we get it done by the time she get home which should be another week or two.
Ada is very alert which is good for her but not so good for me. She is able to grab my hand and push it away which make it hard for me to change and dress her. Getting her in and out of bed is easier unless she decides to stiffen up her body. When asked to look at mom, she is able to glance at me. At the hospital, the nurse came in to give her medicine and tell her that she also had an eye-drop for her eyes. The next day when the nurse mentioned the eye-drop, she turned her head away and close her eyes.
She also learn to tell us "NO!" but waving her right hand and, sometime, shakes her head especially when we try to offer her food. Funny how she'd never said "No" to food before.
So many little steps each day. Everyone at RHI told me they'd seen much changes in Ada since she got here. I hope she can stay a little longer.
I will try to update the blog more often.


Anonymous said...

I will be coming home this weekend for a wedding, but staying a couple of extra days. I may be able to help on Monday and possibly some on Sunday. I'm still working out my schedule for while I'm home and have some family commitments, but if you let me know when you will need help, I will even see if any friends of mine would be willing to help out too.

I think Archie should have my number still. Give me a call before Friday or send me a message online and let me know how I can help!

I am so excited to see Ada again! Everything you say about her progress and how she is doing sounds so amazing!! I will get in touch about when I can visit with her. (and possibly you all as well!) :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

Things are working out! I am so EXCITED! Everything is falling into place at the right time. It was no coincidence that you were in court when the bad news were shared and back to the hospital when Medicaid got their act together! Urrah, back to RHI while you work in your house to finally be all together under one roof!!! I am hoping, like you are, that she can continue going to RHI weekly. If medicaid doesn't approve it, let us know. We can begin an RHI fund to ensure that Ada continues to go to RHI every week!!!!!!!

Love and Hugs,

F and M

Ting said...

Thank you my dear Ponsawan for news about Ada. I am thrilled with every small step she is making.
Good luck with remodelling your house. I hope you get plenty of helping hands.