Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ada was taken to Methodist Hospital on Sunday. She had high fever, high white blood count and was throwing up. We spend another 10 hours in ER. Till this morning, we cannot pinpoint on what went wrong with her. I wonder how many x-ray and c-scan a person can have during 6 months. She had it done from head to toe this time.
I hope we can get to RHI today. I am getting sick of sitting and waiting in the ER and the hospital room. Ada needs to get up or at least sitting on the chair or something. Watching Olympic games do help a lot.
Good new is when the nurse told her that she was going to put the eye drop in her eyes, Ada looked away and close her eyes. Ada is more aware of her surrounding and pretty much understand what we say.
Any way, we will have a busy week. With court day approaching; Ada's discharge date and the preparation at home, my show this Saturday, phone tag with the attorney and the insurance guy, make me go crazy.
I will write more when everything settle down and we can go back to our semi-normal life.
Thanks for the comments, emails and kind words.


Anonymous said...

With all my heart I wish you all the best for Ada's recovery from unexpected sickness, for your court case and for your daily routine. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Susan Turney said...

Ponsawan, my heart goes out to both of you. I so hope you can get into a routine with no "incidents" soon. I think of you both often and marvel at your strength. Ava is so lucky to have you for her mother. Better days have to be ahead.

F and M said...


I am sorry about the detour, but you named it well, it is just that: a detour. We are thinking about you and hoping for a prompt recovery AND for a diagnosis of what went wrong.

There is a lot more in your plate this week and the coming week...Hang in there! We know you can do it! We are with you in spirit. Hugs, F and M