Thursday, August 14, 2008

Going Home

May be the title should be "Coming Home". Both Ada and I haven't been home for almost 6 month, so it is more like going home, finally. The date is August 27th.
Now we need to prepare the house for Ada since we do not have a bedroom downstairs, we need to remodel the house quite a bit. We might put her upstairs in the master bedroom for a while.
I am learning to take care of Ada full time. I transfer her in and out of bed to a chair and give her a bath. I will also manage her feeding and medication as well. The second is easy, I have plenty of practice already. The first one is killing my back and my legs. Lots of practice will help and I will get stronger and stronger. Ada is helping by putting her weight on her feet during transfer, so I don't have to lift 100 lbs every time I pick her up.
Ada had practiced standing up with PT's help and sitting on the side of the bed by herself for a while. She has to re-learn how to use all those muscles again.
Today dad bought a pair of white sneaker for her and she really like it. It also help keep her feet on the ground when she stand up.
We still working on teaching her to open her mouth, take some food and swallow. It will come, I'm sure. We need to be more patience with her.
If you in town hand have some extra time, I would need some help. You can come sit with Ada during the day so I can go home and get start on cleaning the house, I would greatly appreciated. You also welcome to visit her at home later.
I will try to post more in the future. I know many have read this blog and thanks for thinking of her.
Hope to report more good news.
P.S. The boys will get the training this weekend. I'm sure they are strong enough for the job but if we do it the right way, it will be a lot easier than just lifting her up. As a primary caregiver to Ada, I have to be able to do everything by myself. Dad and the brothers will learn how to help me once we settle down at home.


Ting said...

My dear Ponsawan,

I have been longing to hear from you.

I really feel for you for the hard work you have been and will be doing. Although it's labour of love, but our body does not always co-operate with us. Can the gentelmen at home help you get Ada in and out of bed when they are available?

I wish I lived near you so I could help with physical work at home.

I hope that the transition to come home is smooth for you both and that Ada continues to surprise us with her development.

With much love.

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me everyday. You have great courage in the face of all the changes in your life. I know that Ada feels it in you and gains strength from you. Both of you are working very hard each day at RHI and it is beginning to show in Ada's tiny baby steps. Continue to reach are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Silaparuti Family,
This is the red headed nurse from American Village. I miss all of your bright smiling faces. Especially yours Ardis. I am overjoyed that things are progressing for Ada. I know it can be a long process and very hard on everyone. I have always wanted to leave comments, but I guess I have been too shy. But, I have been a loyal blog reader and have shared smiles and tears with you all. I just wanted to say that I am at home through the week and only work the weekend. I do have a one year old at home with me, but we do everything together. If there is ever a time you need someone, please feel free to contact me, I would love to be apart of Ada's progress. I wish you all the best of luck and love. 289-6746 cell, email:, Melissa King

Anonymous said...

dear ponsawan.
i am reading your blog every day and have you allways in my mind.
Could't you keep Ada at the Hospital longer? It seems to me from far away that this place is very good for both her and you. Maybe you can be more assertive? Will she get PHisytherapy at home?
As I have been in a situation like yours in the past, i know that You must demand thing. You seem to me from far away like a very gentle lady. Ada needs you to be mean. Even the kindest Doctor or nurse or the best hospital will give you more if you demand it. I don't live in the USA so i don't know how is it in the health insuranse but you must demand your rights. From what i read in your blog Ada is in a progress now. It seems to me that Augost 27 is too soon. sory if it seems that I'm intefiring with your life. It is from my heart! best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

The progress is great news! The coming home as you know better than anyone, is too soon, but you do not always have a say in certain situations. I am sure something good will come out of this and she will return to Rehab as needed and at the right time. You have always had the strength and the perseverance for everything in your life and I have no doubt that everything will be easier than what you imagine! Stay strong and keep going.


F and M

CU# 1835024 said...

Dearest Ponsawan,

I am concerned about your back and your health though I understand that they have been teaching you how to lift and support Ada correctly. Again I strongly suggest you do Yoga. The stretch and deep breathing will help heal your muscle injury and soreness. You will have that 20 minutes quiet time to meditate and heal both metally and physically.

August 27th is only 9 days away. I wish Daniel and I live close by so we can lend our hands on renovating downstairs for Ada. I pray that progresses happen the way you plan.

I am moved by the image of Daddy with the new while shoes for his girl. Please tell Piak I say Hi.


PS: Nathan is back at ECU and recently broke his left foot. Though he will have his cast (to under his knee) for another 6 weeks, he is active with his RA job. Unfortunately accidents happen all the times.

Jennifer McIntosh said...


I am willing to help in anyway I can. Feel free to either call me or email me at 417-2117;