Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Abby came by yesterday. She hasn't seen Ada for a long time and she was presently surprised to see what Ada can do. They played puzzles together and talked. Ada looks happy and Abby too. Abby got wagged on the head by Ada a couple of time. I warned her but Ada is very fast with her hand. It is nice to know that Abby and Jeff got engaged and they bough a house.
Ada continue to eat but refuse to take things from the spoon. She also look at the food before she picks it up. There are things she likes and things she doesn't like. She can process the information and make a decision now. Isn't that amazing!
Come by and play with Ada sometime.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,
...played puzzles together and talked...Ada looks happy....continues to eat...SHE CAN PROCESS THE INFORMATION AND MAKE A DECISION NOW........YES, IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful, Ada and Ponsawani...Keep up the hard work...the progress...sharing the wonderful surprises with us! Love and hugs always

Maureen Carlson said...

Hello Ponsawan,
Wish I could stop by to visit and bring you some lunch! We can pretend - in the world where the Who People Live? What would you like? I'll get it and eat it here in Minnesota - and probably eat your share, too?

Would enjoy meeting Ada. Sounds like you'll need more patience - and more jokes for added humor - as Ada becomes more able to make her own decisions. But that's good!

I have a new joke for you. Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other "Slide".

One of the kids in my Storyclay group told me that last week.

Anonymous said...

You are magic, Ada. Thanks Ponsawan for feeding these miracles with us.