Monday, August 10, 2009


Now you can skip this post if you don't want to read about poop.

After 11 days of agony and uncomfortable for both Ada and mom, we took Ada back to ER. On Wednesday night, she did not sleep at all. Not very busy at ER but we waited for 1 hour till mom had to go find a nurse. Then half an hour later mom saw a doctor who took care of Ada before and tell him we really need to do something with her. Ok, that's problem solved, but 4 hours later, her nurse had to go down stair to get the "GoLytely". They can't sent it through a shoot but failed to call for someone to pick it up. Very usual scene in ER.
The nurse came back with a gallon of liquid and I started to get it through her J-tube. I worked and Ada started to laugh and laughed and she continued laughing the whole afternoon. Me, on the other hand, no laughing but very happy even though I had to clean up big piles of ----by myself. The nurse did not come in to help. And I totally understand.
Now we have to make sure she has enough fiber in her diet and plenty of water. Ada refuses to eat thing from spoon, she like the crunchy things that she can picks up and put it in her mouth. She also looks at the things we are trying to give her. If she doesn't like it, she won't eat.
Today I order some freeze dried fruit and veggie on-line. Seaweed is her veggie for now.
She continues to play with puzzles and learn hand jester with dad.
She also gets mad and starts hitting us or the chair or throws the bowl or toys on the floor.
Those are good things and we are happy that she is learning and making progress.


Anonymous said...

Ponsawani -- you are a trooper!! What a mother will do for her kids ....

I've read some not so nice things about GoLytely, as in folks have to sit on the toilet and do business for hours after they have taken this stuff ... some suffering from stomach cramps.

I guess it's a blessing that Ada laughed her way through this ... lol :)

Big hugs to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ponsawani, Following the end of your message: "And so am I".

Love and hugs, F & M

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the constipation is resolved. What a drama it was!!
I rally thought that sweet potatoes were good for her bowel movement.

angkana said...


You are so creative and it shows from the way you resolve all challenges.

I love and admire you and your family.